Playdead’s Inside Ending Walkthrough Part 6 – The Escape, Control the Blob Creature

At the end of Walkthrough Part 5, we managed to escape alive from weird Facility waste tunnel and we will continue to explore the Research Facility in this chapter. We will again try to control the Mind of the Strange creature which looks like a blob and tries to escape the Facility once and for all. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Inside Ending Walkthrough.

Inside Ending

Research Facility

Once you get out of the water, head right and climb the ladder to reach the old warehouse. Move Left to grab the Box pack and as you start dragging it towards the right the Warehouse will Open. You must stop and take cover behind the box until the event gets over, then continue dragging towards the next room. In this area, you need the Box to solve the Puzzle and make your way towards the next section.

The first thing to notice is the weird water gravity which will be upside down, then head down the ladder to pull the stick and lower the water level. Let the Box float so that you can move it near the ladder and then Again Reset the Water level to make the jump and swim towards the open door. have a look at the image below if any confusion.

The Next area you need to swim down until you reach the dry floor, but make sure the guards have cleared the room first. If you head right, the water level is too high to reach and press the button so you need someone to catch you. It’s time we should control the dead slaves again by pulling up the lever and raise the water level and free the Slaves. Use them to boost you up to pull the lever back and then as you enter the hall near the on the stairs use them again to Boost you up into the water.

Swim right towards the button then hit it while falling down and don’t worry your Slave friends will catch you. In the next room Let them throw you on the right and fall down so that when to jump down then can catch you. Again use them to jump into the duck and make your way all the way down. Here the door needs more power to open so head left and get the elevator up. Again head left to get your dead slaves back, take them down towards the door and Open it.

Make your way into the large office hall where some of the workers will join you near the Window. Drag the Rolling cart towards the left so you can make your climb on the ladder. Jump on the lamp and swing to grab the pipeline. Climb up and make your way down until you jump on the machine to operate towards the Right. Climb down the ladder and you will come across a sphere in a water pool. Pull the latches out and then Pull the rail at the bottom to make you way up towards the Blob Creature.

Controlling Blob

Swim towards the creature who has four control gadget and you need to loose them(at least 3) so the blob will suck you in and you get to control the full blob. The Blob a mixture of the Dead Slaves, so swim right to pull the metal champ and break the glass. Everyone in the Facility is terrified so they will try to lock the door and run away, but you are ready to smash it all.

From now you need to run and make your way through the facility. Crash through the doors towards the main facility, cross the long area back towards the elevator where you came from. As you get inside the elevator, it will break will break down several floors and as you come out start breaking the glass display on the left. Grab the Box and use it to get on the higher platform on the right.

Keep running in the next section by bursting all the walls and door until you fall down. Get up, take left to grab the wooden plank from the water and drag it to the right to lift up and press the Button. Once the door opens, make sure you drag the wooden plank again and place it on the Pressure plate. You can ignore the hounds and make your way up and fall down on the next section.

Here walk on the extreme right and wait for the officer to open the door for you. Similarly, squeeze through the hole into the basement, here you will see the door is locked and needs a fiery catalyst to open. Grab the Wooden box and run towards the extreme left, toss the box to break the panel then throw the box into the furnace and lit it. While Moving right you need to toss again while running to prevent from the sprinkles. Now throw the Box into the vent and left the Door open.

The Escape

In the next area, pull the cart on the left to hang on the machine, swing it to catch the hook and break the wall. Make your way towards the next locked door, with propulsion in the middle of the room. Throw the box towards the crowd on the left and then will pull the tab and throw it back to you. Run under the panel and toss the box before it triggers. Here you need to make your run after tossing as the door is open for a moment only.

The next Room is a trap with the crowd surrounding the Propulsion box tied on the Rope and as you try ti get it you will fall down into the water. Swim down and pull out the panels until you find the metal grate. Swim out to the Top and keep running towards the right until the wooden walkway breaks and you crash the wall. The Escape was Finally successful and you can now enjoy the Scene.

This was all about the Inside Walkthrough, you can check our other Collectible guides or the Inside Secret Ending Guide to know more about the game.