Playdead’s Inside Walkthrough Part 1 – The Forest


Ever since the release of 2010’s LIMBO, Playdead had been working very hard on their next game, INSIDE. The Game is a puzzle adventure video game and the visuals look pretty similar to the Limbo. The player gets to control a young boy who is out of an exploration of a monochromatic environment where he can swim, walk, run, use the objects, in order to escape from the guards the various creatures. So let’s get started with the very first part of the Inside game.

Inside Walkthrough Part 1

Inside Walkthrough Part 1

The Game starts with a 3D scroll which is still side scrolling but adopting 2.5D tilted camera angle. You are going to control the nameless character who is wearing a dull red t-shirt. The environment looks pretty similar to Limbo with the black and white, greyscale and old splash of muted color. Let’s get started on the new Hunted and alone adventure in the center of a dark project.

The Forest

As you start the game, you’ll have full control over the character, so get used to it and learn all the controls. Once you pass the wooden log and then jump across the barricade you see a Truck is ready to move and the guards are taking them with safety. These guards are looking out for anything suspicious try not to give them any hint by making noise or running away(unless required).

Moving ahead, you see two guards guarding the Strange Booth and as you make the jump they will be alerted and start looking in the area. You must take cover behind the old both and wait for them to pass. If they see you then they will catch and take you down. As you past those guards you will now learn to interact with the objects, take the wrecked fridge down to make your way on the other side. Do the same with the Wooden crate once you jump down and then make you way towards the next path.

After you slide down to the lake you see the Van is looking for anything movement in the Forest and as they see you the Dog will start running behind and you need to be quick to make the Jump across and keep running towards the other end. The Van is on his move to searching for you and as you make the jump from the wooden plank, try to run back and hide inside to avoid the detection.

Here be very quick and calm, this is the best part where you need to run and act to save yourself. While hiding behind the tree you see a Van facing at you and as you cross the path guards will start running behind, now make the Jump before the log or else you’ll be caught by the guard. Next, hide behind the caravan until the Guard on Van passes by then continue running and then make the final jump while both the guards are chasing. Start jumping otherwise the guard will shoot you as far as they can see you.

inside-walkthough-part-1-4-1.jpg inside-walkthough-part-1-4-2.jpg inside-walkthough-part-1-4-3.jpg inside-walkthough-part-1-4-4.jpg

The next thing you see is the bunch of Dogs chasing so make sure you jump into the Water in time. While in water, try to pass the spotlight by swimming underwater as this will avoid detection. Finally, you are out of the forest and you come across the farm, you need to make your way inside the barn by climbing the rope and swing inside the window. You see the small yellow chickens are following you so the first thing to do is jump down and open the Door so all the chicks get inside.

Start the machine first then run towards the end of the wall and let all the chicks follow you. Now quickly run towards the Switch and pull the lever to let all the chicks get stuck inside the machine and come out to push the box down and make your way towards out of the barn. Now take the leap of faith and then push the car full of pigs towards the end so that you can climb up on the roof.

Make your way towards the end on the First Chapter where you will be followed by a wild boar. The only trick to avoid his attack is to jump over him and let him follow you as he will help you get inside the Strange Factory. Thus Completing the first walkthrough and you can continue to the next part 2 – Strange Factory.