Playdead’s Inside Walkthrough Part 2 – Strange Factory


In Walkthrough Part 1, we saw the game mechanics and how to control the boy, even how to escape from the guards. In this Part, we will continue to help the Boy find the exit path from the Strange Factory. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the next part of the Inside the Strange Factory. There are no chapter names so we decided to name it after the environment we are playing.

Inside Walkthrough Part 2

Inside Walkthrough Part 2 – Strange Factory

In Part 1, we saw the Wild roar is following us and crashes to the wall of the unknown building. Here you will learn some new game abilities where the Lamp you see needs to be equipped as a helmet and it lets you control the nearby dead bodies. Pull the Roar and jump up to use the wired Gadget(with yellow lights). The Dead Bodies will get active and start copying your moves.

Bring the Fourth Body down and Pull the Cage to free the remaining two, then pull the wooden block and let everything crash so that you can find your way across. Leave the gadget and start running towards the next area. After Passing the farm, you will come across the strange Factory where the dead bodies have lined up. Push the Rail to make the chain come down and then use it to climb up.

The next Puzzle is to find your way out from the building, you need to climb the stairs and adjust the Wooden Log so that you can jump on a higher platform. Once you adjust the log, head back to the stairs, climb up to jump on the log and here is the tricky part. You must push the heavy green chest and jump back before it breaks down the plank. Now that you know the way to the next area is underground, go ahead towards the next part.

You’ll again come across the another room with the weird gadget that controls the nearby dead bodies. You need to free the other dead body from the locked room by pulling the switch and then close the door. Now take both the dead bodies to the extreme end and then bring them back to activate the switch and open the door.

Climb the stairs and make your way on the roof to get across the strange factory. After your first crash, continue your towards the right until you climb down and start pulling the wooden planks from the door. Push the ladder to the Other side and again climb up Where you will come across another switch. Don’t pull the switch, then first walk towards the end and pull up the cage of the Elevator, then get back and turn on the Switch. Make sure you don’t get caught by the robots while making your way back to the Elevator.

You’ll crash down from the broken wooden plank and then constantly monitored by the Robot. You need to Listen to the Beats to make your moves correct, so we recommend to plug-in your headphones and listen very carefully. Notice and Act, see how the others are acting on the beat and you do the same, while on the main stage first, you need to jump and for the second one you must move back and forward.

This is a very tricky part and you must run as fast as you can just after you start hearing the dog barking. Do not run back or else the Robot Monitoring will instantly kill you. The Dog will continue chasing you so do not jump on the higher platform until he gets down, then make your way up and again jump towards the next area and the new Puzzle.

You again get to control the Dead Body with the weird gadget so the first drop on the first platform and push the red Box towards the end to open the door. Now get back to the Gadget and again start moving the rail towards the end. Make the Dead Body Jump on the Next Gadget to bring another body out of the box. Pull the Rail back where the Boy can land safely and the dead body can jump over the rail to open the door.

Now You must park the rail at the beginning of the Basement door so that the player can land in the water in time before it shuts down. So park the rail and take the dead body to pull the switch. Leave the gadget this will make the player drop down into the water and the new area. Thus completing the walkthrough Part 2 and you can continue to the next part 3 – Underwater, Submarine Underground City.