Playdead’s Inside Walkthrough Part 3 – Underwater, Submarine Underground City


In Walkthrough Part 2, we saw the strange factory where all the dead bodies were in control of the unknown guards in a black suit. In this Part, we will continue to help the Boy find the exit path from the Underwater City. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the next part of the Inside the Strange Factory. There are no chapter names so we decided to name it after the environment we are playing.

Inside Walkthrough Part 3

Inside Walkthrough Part 3 – Underwater City

At the end of part 2, we made a jump into the water and this chapter is all underwater so get ready to explore more. Once you land, go underwater and pull up the wooden plank to create a platform for you to jump across. You enter into a Sunken Ship type environment where you push the switch to drain all the water and let all the doors open. This switch makes a temporary drain so once the Water starts to flow try pressing the switch outside and swim towards the right to get inside the door(on the right).

Grab the Wooden plank and bring it outside to grab the chain. Once you bring the wooden plank out, press the switch again to let the water flow and climb up using the same Chain. Now comes the tricky part, here you need to remain under the shadow to avoid alerting. You pull the lever on the right to bring the cage down and you must repeat it twice or thrice as the spotlight keeps on Moving.

Again repeat the same process ahead, but here you need to be quick as you must open the roof vent asap. Once you get inside the house, make your way down and cross the underground city area. Here comes the new area which is guarded by dogs, so first jump into the water and let the dog follow you till the end, now go underwater and swim up to the other side so that you can slide down the area first.

The next area has 3 dogs and this is a repetitive process where you must climb the fence get on the other side and pull one wooden plank out then get back to the main side before the dogs bits you. Repeat this until you get across the area. Welcome to the New area and get ready to go underwater with the Submarine, but first, let those men get inside.

Use the Submarine to get straight underwater, then push the red door to open it. Now this is not a closed room, you must use the Submarine’s feature to bump towards the wood below. Enjoy the View and then head right to find another place where you can bump to make your way. Continue riding until you come across a cracked wall where there is no way to pass the submarine.

It’s time to head out and swim across via the cracks you bumped and then climb up with the help of the rope. Now remember to run backward once you press that switch, as there will be three huge containers rolling towards you. Again climb up and get inside the opened door to use the Air pump and reach the higher platform. Once you Reach there to press the Switch to open the main Door and get inside your Submarine.

Make use of the bump to throw your Submarine in the air and land on the other side. Continue riding towards the right and you will enter the new area where you need to park the submarine at the door and head out to swim underwater towards the left. Press the Switch so that water is drained and you can take the Submarine on the other side just like you did before.

Open the Last Door and you will see a Strange creature is following you, now here you need to keep this creature away from the submarine or else she will destroy it and kill you. The only way to keep her away is but putting all light focus on her and travel backward. Once you get inside another area, push the red plank so that the creature won’t follow you anymore.

Now take the Submarine out of the water where you can land safely and thus completing the walkthrough part 3. You can continue to the next part 4 – Controlling Slaves, Shock Wave. Or else check out our other guide for Inside.