Playdead’s Inside Walkthrough Part 4 – Controlling Slaves, Shock Wave


At the end of Walkthrough Part 3, we saw the strange water creature which followed us, but we managed to escape and land on the strange island where some explosive test is going on. In this part, we need to control a huge number of Dead slaves in order to escape the basement and then run away from the shock waves which nearly tear us apart.

Inside Walkthrough Part 4

Inside Walkthrough Part 4

Controlling Slaves

As we land safely on the island, open the door and slide down to an unknown workplace, where one of the dead slaves can be seen behind the Cage. Head extreme right to switch on the current to the place and the elevator, you also notice that the rectangular sand requires 20 people to stand in the pit to open the door so let’s start gathering the slaves.

Go to the Elevator and take it down, then head right to find the manual Elevator with the lever on it. Head down and then continue on the right path where you see the controlling gadget hanging up with a couple of slaves below. Jump into the Water and go underwater and get out from the other side, take a deep breath and do the same again and you will explore the new area.

Climb up to jump on the rope, swing on the left and continue running until you get a hold on the gadget. You see the Gadget is now stuck in your head(temporary), so whenever you come across any dead slave they will get active. Now you need to find 12 more to open the main Door. Head left and use the slaves to give a push start on you jump up and catch the ladder and pull the lever down so you can bring all the slaves up.

Let’s head to the left of the elevator and rescue few more slaves, you need the help of the slaves again to give a push start and catch the rope, but before that you must pull back the sand container. Now jump on the container and let the slaves push it back to its original position. Climb the wall, cross the broken bridge and notice the area where 3 slaves have been captured in a Booth and you need to free them.

Push the red box and trigger the pump, while the pump is in the air you must place the red box at its position to get a higher platform. Catch the booth and free the slaves, you’ve gathered all the slaves from the lower part now lets clear the Upper level. Take the elevator straight up to the Top floor and then head left, push the cage down.

The Slaves are already dead so they won’t get hurt by the crash landing, so now better head right and use the slaves to give you a push start on the jump. You find this slave is not active and so you need to drag him out and throw him down straight in the pit. It’s time to find the slaves from the Main floor and head left to free the slave behind the Cage.

Once you free him, continue walking left to jump to the next level with the help of your slaves. Now here is the tricky part you must activate the pillar on the right time to make it run towards the end. Once you have all the slaves run towards the pit and let everyone stand so the door gets open and you enter the new area. Once you get to the new area you won’t have the control over the slaves anymore.

Shock Waves

Now comes the most dangerous part of the game so far, here you need to be very careful as the shock wave can tear up your whole body in one blow. You must take cover behind something very strong, and run only when you know you can’t be hit by the wave. The first run is easy as you get the cover just on time, but the next part is where you need to time yourself very well.

inside-walkthough-part-4-8.jpg inside-walkthough-part-4-8-1.jpginside-walkthough-part-4-8-2.jpg inside-walkthough-part-4-8-3.jpg

For the Puzzle Above, you must time yourself and the moving object correctly so that you get the cover just when the wave is about to hit. Make sure you see the Object gives the Cover on the marked location and you keep the machine moving. This will help you to take both the cover on time. Moving towards the next puzzle you must you must time your jump and then Activate the switch to open all doors. Now take the cover behind the moving gate and continue moving unless you see another moving cover.

We’ve seen a lot of players getting stuck at this puzzle where you need to time correctly and get the cover. Look at the image below, just when machine head backward it’s time to move and as you jump try to adjust yourself wit hit’s move and take cover at the same time. The slide is also bit tricky, but if you know to time the jump well then you are good to go. Simply jump when the wave is about to so you use the cover at the same time.

In the Last area of this section, you must use the elevator to get down, but it crashes down because of the shock wave. So get ready to pull up the door again and on time to get across the enter the underground room. Thus completing the part 4 walkthrough and you continue to the next part which is the Part 5 – Underwater, Upside Down or check out our other Walkthrough Guide.