Playdead’s Inside Walkthrough Part 5 – Underwater, Upside Down


At the end of Walkthrough Part 4, we managed to escape alive from the Shockwaves and continue to explore even more with this chapter where everything goes upside down. You are again going to meet our beloved strange water creature, and try to escape from her. This guide will show you how you can find the escape route by solving the puzzle and learn new environment techniques.

Inside Walkthrough Part 5

Inside Walkthrough Part 5


Just after the Elevator crash, we hardly managed to save out self and moving ahead we come across the new area which is not affected by the shock wave and looks pretty similar to a wrecked ship. After the Swinging the rope towards the new area we find ourselves into a new puzzle where you need to Push the Plank out to hold the Pump while in air. This is how you should do.

Moving forward, as we jump in the water we see the strange creature is waiting for us, but she won’t move until you swim across and catch the pipe and be very quick with it, Again swing and Grab another rope before she catches you. The trick here is she will be following you until you get across another platform. Climb the rope and try to take a good leap of faith, get total underwater and get across the next platform.

The next part is a little tricky one, here you need to goof here up with your presence. We don’t know yet why the rail was there, but keep moving right, go underwater press the switch and return back. Now head left and let the creature follow you, once you get her close enough head up and start running towards the gate you opened and press the switch to close the door.

Continue Swimming underwater and head up to catch the rope, You see the climb failed and you are caught by the creature and she drags you down. We also thought we are dead but we aren’t and this is the part of the gameplay and from here you can swim underwater as much as you want without even thinking about breathing. For now, enjoy the view and then start swimming towards the right to find the exit.

Heading down will get you across the part of the ship where the two turbines run for about 3-4 seconds. Here you need to get inside before the door closes and the fans start to move. Grab the handle above and as you reach the second handle the door will open and you can make your way through. Another new area which is guarded by the Black suit guys and their gadgets.

You must take cover under the shadow and do not hurry to pull the lever on the right. This lever will roll the slab on the right and try to roll it to the extreme right as you ned to jump over it to get across. Now take another leap of faith inside the hole and then come out to head right. This new area is completely strange where the water following up total anti-gravity.

The Pump is not enough to push you to the water section, so you must find another pump. Head down, take right and at the extreme right you will find this pump with a slab, now al you need to do is break the pump with the Slide to take it upstairs. Once the Pump is the broken, place it on the slope and pull the lever so that it flies at the top. Once you make it make sure the roof is open to making the pump fly up then close the Roof.

inside-walkthough-part-5-7-1.jpg inside-walkthough-part-5-7-2.jpg

Now make you way up from the left by pulling the door and swim up, head back and drag the second pump to the main Pump position. Here you need to time the Pumps well to push you enough to get into the water section. So first Pull the Main Pump, then the second pump and now push it to the main pump and finally, jump over it. This will trigger the pump one after the other and you can safely make it to the Top.

inside-walkthough-part-5-8-1.jpg inside-walkthough-part-5-8-2.jpg

You see all the dead slaves are hanging upside down and you job is to pull both the door’s power out. This will make another entrance for you and thus completing the walkthrough part 5. We will continue with the part 6 – The Escape, Control the Blob Creature, Strange where all the Guards are taking away the slaves.