PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Wiki: Beginners, Pro Tips, Combat Guide And Weapon Statistics

PUBG Weapons Stats Upgrades

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground features an online multiplayer online battle royale platform where the massive group of players compete with each other. You can play solo or in a team. After landing on the island you have to plan your strategy to stay the last man standing. In this Wiki guide, you can learn a lot about the game through our beginner’s tips, weapon, combat guide and advance strategies about the game.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Wiki

Beginners Guides:

PC & Console Enhancements Tweaks Guides:

Weapons, Gears & Combat Guides:

  • Weapons Statistics: There is the wide range of weapons in the game, in this guide you can find details on their power, effective range, stability and firing rate.
  • Weapons, Vehicles And Combat Tips: Some important tips on using weapons, vehicles, and combat.
  • Grenades Tips: Grenades can be very useful in PUBG, but they are limited, in this guide you can find the best tips to use them effectively.
  • Gears And Their Damage Stats: Gears offer you some extra damage protection, in this guide you can find details about them.
  • PUBG Weapons & Upgrades Stats: There are many weapons in PUBG, in this guide you can find more detailed information on the weapons and their upgrades.

Advance Guides:

  • How To Become Pro: Essential tips you can apply to become an advance player in the game. The guide offers you tips on picking right outfit and weapons.
  • 5 Best Airdrops Loot Tips: Airdrops are the only way you get items and weapons in the game. In this guide, you can find tips to approach air drops without getting yourself killed.
  • Best Clothing And Their Effects: Right outfits and gears increase your inventory capacity and also offers special benefits like speed or low health damage. The guide offer you info on the impact of clothing in PUBG gameplay.
  • Why Tactical Movement Matters: It is necessary to follow a proper tactical movement in PUBG, the game can be pretty annoying if you are unsure about your steps. Refer the guide for more details.
  • How To Dominate In PUBG From Start To End: Read some highly effective strategies for Start, Mid and End part of PUBG.
  • Safely Clear Buildings Loot: Buildings are best spot to get loot’s in the game, but if you are not alert you can die instantly. In this guide you can find tips how to safely clear the buildings to confirm your loots.
  • Tips To Earn Good Ranks: Better rankings in PUBG is not easy, you have to make your way all the way to top 10 and get the last kill for best ratings. If you want to know more about the ratings and ranks refer this guide.
  • Tips For Those Who Start Late: If you start a bit late in the game, in this guide you can find some essential tips that will help you to survive.
  • Master Ground Combat: Some tips on getting better on ground combat in PUBG.
  • Melee Combat Tips: Ample of time you will be facing enemies around you, in this guide you can try out some tips for melee combat.
  • Tips For Team Playing: Some simple tips to follow if you are going to play in the group, this will help you to increase your win rate.

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