PlayStation 4: Entertainment besides Gaming: How to play Music, Messaging and Party

The PlayStation 4 console is not only about gaming. It can turn into one whole entertainment package if all the features are correctly accessed. This gaming beast can make you dance to the rhythm, connect with your friends, share your your gaming experiences and many other fun things.

PlayStation 4

Here is a list of this that PlayStation 4 can do besides gaming:


PlayStation 4 Music

You can listen to music on PlayStation 4 with the help of Music Unlimited service from the Sony Entertainment Network. Music Unlimited is region specific, it is available only in certain countries and languages. Use the Music Unlimited service with the master account and also save your also save your credit card details as this service is not free.

Music Unlimited service is set for automatic renewal, to cancel automatic renewal, go to Settings > PSNSM > Account Information > Services List > Cancel Automatic Renewal.


PlayStation 4 Messaging

Messages can be sent and received from Friends and your fellow players, also you can select people with whom you want to exchange messages. In case of a sub account, messaging can be controlled using parental controls.

You can send messages by selecting Messages from function screen, then select create message, select player, enter message and hit send.

The maximum number of players for sending bulk messages is 99. You can send and receive messages across different PlayStation platforms like PS3 and PS Vita. You can also attach a screenshot to your message, but note that these attachments cannot be sent to PS3 systems. Along with that you also get an option to send a voice message using headset or the microphones on a PlayStation Camera.


PlayStation 4 Music

Party on PlayStation 4 is a voice and text chat session with numerous other PlayStation 4 users where a maximum number of 8 players can join a Party. A Party can happen while playing and sharing games. The one who creates a Party becomes the owner of it and can enjoy some privileges like removing players from a Party, by selecting ‘Kick Out’ by pressing the Options button.

To create a Party select the headset icon and select create Party, then enter the name of the Party, set players and you are done.

In a Party you have options to Invite/Suggest, Chat Audio: Prioritize Party, Adjust Audio Mix and Leave This Party. One can also recommend other players that can join the Party, it will be decided by the owner if that person will be allowed in his Party.