Poke Finder Versions and Photo Spots Location Guide – Pokemon Sun and Moon

 Poke Finder Versions and Photo Spots Location Guide – Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Poke Finder is a feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon that allows you to take pictures of Wild Pokemons in certain locations called Photo Spots. This feature gets unlocked when you get to the Hau’oli City Tourist Center. By using Rotom Pokedex you can find pokemons to take pictures. The pictures get saved to SD card and you can use any picture to evaluate that gets Thumbs-Ups, based on which you will be able to unlock different versions of Poke Finder. The following guide consists the information about different versions and Photo spot locations in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Poke Finder and Locations of Photo Spots - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Poke Finder Versions and Locations of Photo Spots:


Different versions can be unlocked based on the Points of Thumbs Up.

  • Ver. 1 – 0 Thumbs Up – Standard Features
  • Ver. 2 – 1,500 Thumbs Up Points – Unlocks Zoom
  • Ver. 3 – 10,000 Thumbs Up Points – Unlocks Enhanced Zoom
  • Ver. 4 – 100,000 Thumbs Up Points – Unlocks Maximum Zoom
  • Ver. 5 – 1,500,000 Thumbs Up Points – Unlocks ability to call Pokemon to take better photos.

Locations of Photo spot:

Different Locations of Photo Spot in the Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Melemele Island:

  • Hau’oli City – Beachfront: Pelipper, Drifloon (Day – Rare) and Wingull.
  • Hau’oli Cemetery: Gastly (Night), Zubat (Night), and Pikipek (Day).
  • Hau’oli City – Shopping District: Pikachu, Rockruff (Day), Meowth (night) and Growlithe.
  • Melemele Meadow: Cutiefly and Oricorio.
  • Kala’e Bay: Corsola, Slowpoke and Dugtrio.

Akala Island:

  • Route 8: Yungoos (Day), Crabrawler and Rattata (Night).
  • Royal Avenue: Butterfree (Day) and Oricorio (Night).
  • Brooklet Hill: Poliwag, Surskit (Night) and Dewpider (Day).
  • Paniola Ranch: Eevee, Lillipup, and Umbreon (Night, Espeon (Day).
  • Wela Volcano Park: Fletchling, Talonflame (Rare – Day), Cubone and Salandit.
  • Lush Jungle: Paras (day), Morelull (Night), Bounsweet (Day), Fomantis (Night), Comfey and Goodra (Rare).

Poni Island:

  • Poni Coast: Bewear and Fearow
  • Vast Poni Canyon: Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Lucario (Rare) and Gigalith.
  • Poni Meadow: Ribombee, Dragonite (Rare) and Oricorio (Night).

Ula’ula Island:

  • Route 13: Sandile, Gible, and Flygon (Rare).
  • Blush Mountain: Elekid, Togedemaru, Porygon-Z (Rare) and Magneton.
  • Ula’ula Meadow: Ledian (Day), Oricorio and Ariados (Night).
  • Thrifty Megamart Abandoned Site: Gastly, Mimikyu, Haunter and Gengar.
  • Mount Hokulani: Beldum, Metang, Magnezone (Rare – Night), Clefairy (Night) and Clefable (Night).
  • Mount Lanakila: Vanillite, Vanillish, Froslass (Rare – Night), Absol (Day) and Sneasel (Night).

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