Pokemon GO – All Pokemon Type Strengths and Weakness Battle Guide

Every Pokemon in Pokemon has Strengths and Weakness. You must know which Pokemon to take in order to take down the Gym Prestige. This Pokemon GO Guide will show every Pokemon’s Strength and Weakness and how to defeat them in Gym Battle. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Pokemon Type Guide.

Pokemon Type Strengths and Weakness

Pokemon Type Strengths and Weakness

There are 17 different types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO and each type has its own Strengths and Weakness. Do check the Gym Battle Hack guide to win any Pokemon battle. To Check your Pokemon Type, Go to Pokemon Tab and select the Pokemon. In the Info Page, check the Type column and then compare the Strength and Weakness from the below list.

Normal Type

  • Weak Against – Fighting
  • Strong Against – None

Bug Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Flying, and Rock
  • Strong Against – Grass, Psychic, and Dark

Poison Type

  • Weak Against – Ground and Psychic
  • Strong Against – Grass and Fairy

Grass Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug
  • Strong Against – Water Ground and Rock

Water Type

  • Weak Against – Electric and Grass
  • Strong Against – Fire, Ground, and Rock

Fire Type

  • Weak Against – Rock, Water, and Ground
  • Strong Against – Steel, Bug, Ice and Grass

Ground Type

  • Weak Against – Water, Grass, and Ice
  • Strong Against – Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel

Fighting Type

  • Weak Against – Flying, Psychic, and Fairy
  • Strong Against – Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel

Rock Type

  • Weak Against – Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel
  • Strong Against – Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug

Fairy Type

  • Weak Against – Poison and Steel
  • Strong Against – Fighting, Dragon, and Dark

Electric Type

  • Weak Against – Ground
  • Strong Against – Water and Flying

Psychic Type

  • Weak Against – Bug, Ghost, and Dark
  • Strong Against – Fighting and Poison

Ghost Type

  • Weak Against – Ghost and Dark
  • Strong Against – Psychic and Ghost

Dragon Type

  • Weak Against – Ice, Dragon, and Fairy
  • Strong Against – Dragon

Ice Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel
  • Strong Against – Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon

Flying Type

  • Weak Against – Electric, Steel, and Rock
  • Strong Against – Grass, Fighting, and Bug

Dark Type

  • Weak Against – Fighting, Fairy, and Bug
  • Strong Against – Psychic and Ghost

This was all about the Pokemon Type Strengths and Weakness, do check our Pokemon GO Wiki Guide to know more about the game and Tips and Tricks.