Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Nest Migration: What Spawn Locations Changed?

Pokemon GO Update July 2016

Generation 2 Pokemons Nest are not added and updated in the game. A few old nests of Gen 1 Pokemons are replaced by the new ones, and while a few are removed completely. So you can try checking out to find some new nests nearby. Well there is a full fledge map by thesilphroad that will help you to get a list of verified and unverified nest locations. This is bit helpful to find some exciting new ones instead of a random spawn.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Nest

The nest can help you to catch a higher number of similar pokemons in your area, the good thing about the map is, it gets updated frequently with new places, and trainers around the globe to verify in case they find the exact one. Map link is at the end of the article. With these there is a sub redditpart where users are discussing about the next migrations. We had tried adding a few here, or you can just refer the source url for updated information.

  • Magikarp to Chikorita
  • Paras to Machop
  • Jynx to Wobbuffet
  • Caterpie to Sentret
  • Abra to Chikorita
  • Tentacool to Rhyhorn
  • Seel to Pinsir
  • Electabuzz to Psyduck
  • Rhyhorn to Ledyba
  • Eevee to Slugma
  • Rattata to Pikachu
  • Electabuzz to Dunsparce

Refer to SilphRoad Map for more Nest Locations