Pokémon Go promo codes for October 2020

Redeem available Pokémon Go promo codes each month.

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Useful items are an essential part of Pokémon Go to ensure you have everything you need to capture any Pokémon you encounter in the game. Several of these items also make it easier to lure Pokémon to location and make sure you don’t waste PokéBalls attempting to capture them.

The best way to receive items is to visit PokéStops or Gyms to spin their discs on a daily basis. However, another great way to ensure everything you need is to turn in promotional codes to receive the items without having to do anything. They go straight into your inventory.

Available Promo Codes

The available promotional codes vary each month, much like the offered items. While they are available, some of them are only capable for you to turn in for a limited time, which is not always clear. Right now, we don’t know of any available codes for the game, right now, for the month of August. When we do have them, we’ll make sure they’re listed below. Make sure to turn in the active codes as quickly as possible to ensure you have the best chance of receiving those items.

Active codes:

None so far for the month of October.

Expired codes:

None so far for the month of October. Trainers might be able to still access the Team Rocket code they received from the email blast during the middle of July, but it’s unlikely its still available for players to redeem. It was a rare occasion for players to redeem it after they read the entire Team Rocket email that went out to everyone.

Redeeming Codes

You have two methods to redeem the codes available for Pokémon Go. You can choose to do it from the in-game store, which is primarily how Android users can go about it. To do this method, all you have to do is click the Poké Ball icon in the middle, go to the in-game store, and then scroll to the bottom. Type in the available code and you should receive your items shortly after.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit Niantic’s reward website. You need to sign-in to the web application using your Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids account. After that, you can immediately redeem any available codes, much like you would if you were using the in-game store. After you submit the code you should receive them to your account shortly after.