Pokemon Refresh Guide: How To Perfectly Take Care Of Your Pokemon In Pokemon Sun and Moon

 Pokemon Refresh Guide: How To Perfectly Take Care Of Your Pokemon In Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokemon Refresh is a feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon that allows trainers to pet, feed and groom their Pokemon in order to gain maximum affection. Achieving Maximum affection gives many benefits to the Pokemon while engaging battles. The following guide consists the information about Pokemon Refresh and its benefits in the Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Pokemon Refresh Guide - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Steps in Pokemon Refresh and Benefits


Petting is a part of Pokemon Refresh, where you can pet your pokemon by rubbing him using the touch screen. This will help you to increase your affection with the Pokemon. You need to have proper knowledge on what are the favourite spots of the pokemon while petting. If you rub Pikachu on cheeks you will get Electric Shock so you need to be careful. You can use your stylus to move around the Pokemon and watch its face for a reaction and its sweet spot will raise its affection quicker.


Feeding is a part of Pokemon Refresh, where you can learn to care for your Pokemon by feeding them. You can feed your Pokemons with their favourite Poke Beans to increase the affection. You will be able to see different colors of Poke Beans in the Menu, drag them from menu and drop on Pokemon. The Poke beans are acquired at the cafes around the Alola and you can also feed Pokemon malasada which is found in the shops of Alola that you need to order it from shop. You can also collect Poke Beans from Isle Abeens in Poke Pelago


Grooming is a part of Pokemon Refresh, where you can use different tools from the Inventory to groom and increase the affection. The grooming is available only for pokemon that participated in battles. The inventory items are rag, comb, brush, hair dryer, tweezers and cotton ball are used to groom Pokemon. After the battle pokemons fur looks messy with hair clumps, you need to use the comb to set the fur. Some times Pokemon gets dirty in battles and you need to use the brush to remove dust off the Pokemon. You can use hair dryer when a pokemon gets wet during battles. You can use tweezers and cotton ball to heal statue conditions.

Benefits of Pokemon Refresh:

The Pokemon Refresh helps in increasing the Pokemon Affection, which will give added benefits to the Pokemons in the Battles like,

  • It helps Pokemon gaining extra exp points in the battles.
  • It helps Pokemon to avoid attacks on its own during the battles.
  • It helps Pokemon to endure attacks and maintain in battle with 1 HP etc.
  • It helps Pokemon to maintain in battles without fainting even during the Status conditions.

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