Power to the Sheeple – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 13

Power to the Sheeple chapter will take you on a mission to expose !Nvite CEO and Thruss agenda and their collaboration with Blume. Sitara meets you near !Nvite office, and you will need to hack into the CEO office, add backdoor on the server and then call him on the phone.

Infilitrate !Nvite:


The front doors are locked. You will need to get inside using NetHack view and gather the access key. Enter from the entrance and then move slowly as it is a restricted area. Take the right and find closed circuit terminal at the room ahead on the left side.


The server room is at the basement, reach for Network Bypass unlock. You will require to complete a maze for the same. Use the quadcopter here. It is along maze. This will take time. And the objective install backdoor in !Nvite server is accomplished.


Go to the top to Tap the CEO’s phone for completing the objective. It is a short objective. Once you do that you will need to exit the area.

Meet Sitara outside City Hall:


Meet Sitara and go ahead for the next cutscene. There will be short discussion among the DedSec members.

Reach Thruss’s penthouse:

Take Wrench to Thruss’s penthouse. As soon as you reach the area get up on the roof side towards a control box for the next cut scene and then meet Wrench to the rooftop by using the crane. As you land the next cut scene begins.

Download Evidence:


Use the crane for getting the evidence on the building ahead. You have to climb on the top following various objects in between. There is a junction box in the way. Hack to get access to a building lift outside. Get to the top and again hack the another junction box.


Now control the crane that will take you further up over the roof of the building. It is a restricted area. There are some guards on the roof of pent house. Take them down.


Now connect to the system and download the data. It will take some time. Take down a few guards from distance. Once done the final work left is to escape the penthouse. You will require run towards the location marker for final exit and escape the police.

Meet Josh Near Fort Point:

Now drive to the front point to meet Josh for the next cut scene. The next objective is to destroy the Voting Machines. There are almost 4 in the area marked on the map. The place is guarded. You can use Jumper for distracting them or you can go killing guards one by one to destroy all the machines. Then escape the place for the next cut scene.

So this was the end of Chapter 13 Power to the Sheeple , you can read the Chapter 14 Robot Wars Or else you can refer to our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.