Praxis Kits Location – Deus EX Mankind Divided Collectible Guide

Deus Ex Mankind Divided features four different kinds of collectibles and Praxis Kit is one of them. With Praxis Kit, Adam Jensen can upgrade one of his Augmentations to the next level and thus it is important to acquire them early in the game. This guide will show where to find and locate all the Praxis Kits in the game.

Praxis Kits Location

Praxis Kits Location

Each Praxis Kit will provide you One Praxis and there are many ways to locate them during your Main and Side Missions. The Basic way to gain the Praxis Points is by leveling up by gaining quick experience points from Side Missions, beings Stealthy, Exploring and hack Everything which is locked. But if you simply want to know the location then check out the below section to know more.

Praxis Kits in Prague

Zelen Apartment

Head one floor down from your apartment and you can find the Praxis Kit inside the Room with the Eviction Notice(on the door). You can simply gather all the stuff you want and ignore the man on the couch.

Poor Apartments

Head up to find apartment number 32 and search floor boards for a hidden stash that has this Praxis Kit.

Poor Apartments – Tars’ Black Market

One Floor just below Adam’s apartment you will find the black market where the vendor will sell Praxis Kits. You can buy 4 Praxis Kits just for 10000 units each.

The Time Machine

Inside the Koller’s Bookstore, look for the Moveable painting by the hidden Elevator. You’ll find a vent which leads to a grassed room where you need to hack the Level 3 locked Safe and grab the Kit. Other two will be provided by Koller itself after the strange experiment.

TF29 Headquarters

Get inside the Infirmary and search the shelves near the ceiling. Now grab the Praxis kit from the medical container located high.

L.I.M.B Clinic

As you progress in the main story, Adam will have to get inside the L.I.M.B Clinic where you must look at the ceiling in the lobby. Make your way in(high-jump leg) and grab the Praxis Kit along with few crafting parts.

Libuse Apartments

Near the Pilgrim Station, enter the top floor of the complex and enter apartment 96. You can find it sitting inside a cardboard box on top of the ceiling kitchen cabinet.

Palisade Bank

Head straight in the CEO’s secret room which is on the top floor of the bank. Simply proceed through the ventwork behind the TV to get access to the Secret room. Inside the secret room open up the safe and grab the Kit, Triangle Code, and Dossier.

Palisade Property Bank Executive Safe

Head towards the Executive Safe B area to find the next Praxis Kit inside Vault B07 and the code is 0310. You can also collect the Keycard from the Account Manager’s Office.

Palisade Property Bank Vault

The bank Vault will be available later in the game as you progress the story mission. You need to use the ventilation shaft in the Parking Garage area to travel down and reach the vault. Collect the Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard from Dr. Orlov’s apartment during your ‘The Mystery Augs’ side-quest investigation.

SM07: Fade to Black

After completing the side mission 07 Oliver will reward you the Praxis Kit so make sure you talk to him before leaving.

Church of the Machine God

If you choose to confront the Bomb Maker then you will enter this restricted area. Head inside Room 96 with the use of high-jump leg augmentation. Now find the Medical Container up in this area with a Praxis Kit.

Dvali Theater

While in M14 you will get a chance to enter the Dvali Theater so make sure you search Radich Nikoldze’s office and find the safe in the back-left corner which has your Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kits in Golem City

Ruker’s Office

During Mission 7: The Rucker Extraction, after having the conversation, head inside the Rucker’s Room to hack the safe and grab the Praxis Kit.

Police Lockup

In the first police lockup near Sokol’s apartment, hack into the storage area in the back. You’ll come across a medical bin containing the Kit.

Sokol’s Apartment

Look for the Room which belongs to Ivan Berk and inside you’ll find a golden Penguin. Carry that into ARC HQ and drop into the sub-level(first area), now punch through a wall beyond the generator to explore the similar penguins. Place the Penguin on the empty Pedestal to open the secret Panel which gives you the Kit.

Praxis Kits in London

Apex Centre

After Battling Marchenko, search his body to find the Praxis Kit.

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