Best Tips For Team Playing In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

There are many benefits of playing in a team than solo in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you get a lot of support and plan strategy that will help each member of the team. You will also notice players in the team are progressing really fast compare to those who are solo. The bigger team with the best co-ordination, the more chances of best rankings and ratings in the game. So if you had plans or you are already playing with a team, in this guide you can try out some tips to make your game better.

PUBG Team Combat Tips

Team Combat Tips

The below tips are based on a group play, all the points below will help if you had a good team, remember you must have a decent amount of players in your group. A team of 3 or 4 is not much helpful compare to a team of 6 players and higher. PUBG has a huge map at the start and as the circle shrinks it gets smaller, one of the major aspect of the team is you get info of all the directions along with alert if anyone dies.

Numbers Matters:

Having a group of trusted players always help, there will be many strangers in the game who will invite you to play with them, but it is best to avoid and find a group where you can plan your strategy. And if you have players who had the good amount of experience in the game then it makes your job much easier. You don’t require to guide them all the time for stuff, pro players knows what best to do and this is a huge time saver. Keep motivating the remaining players, this matters a lot, even if you are down or others are down, all players must push others to move. Don’t disconnect the game or simply leave the message that are discouraging for others.

Team Skills:

It is always best if the players knows the best way to communicate along with all elements of the game. For example, if you are playing in a team of 6 players and you have to reach the loot crate, one can simply run ahead and others can defend him. If the player is down, others can simply figure out the danger paths. Communication is one of the most required skill in PUBG without which you cannot guide your team. Always practice to stay in sync with your team, the better co-ordination the maximum chances of winning. Also if a players in engage in fire fight with enemy try to be in support. Don’t leave sight of your team, each player must know each players place.

Weapon Sorting:

Weapon sorting is nothing but giving up the right weapon to the right player depending on his/her capability. For example someone might be great at sniping while some of the players are good in short range attacks. So it is always best to go with weapon sorting. It will happen many time players will get chance to loot weapons, they can simply drop that in front of other player who will walk on it and collect it. In this way weapons, consumables, etc can be sorted and shared. It is also recommended that player with higher inventory items must act as a supply platform. Any two player of your team can fill up their inventories with med-kits, bandages, etc. And drop them when anyone is needed.

Targeting Hidden Enemies:

This is one of the many strategies that works most of the time. Once anyone spots a hiding enemy behind a tree or in bushes, he must alert all. Next you can shoot down a few rounds on the tree. The enemy will stay hidden and one of your team mate can slow move to get near to the target or alteast to get a visible part of body to shoot. This is always helpful and in this way you can clear a lot of enemies in your path. This is also a time saver, you can clear your path pretty easily with the help of others in the team without losing your health or dying.

Maintain A Decent Distance:

All the team members must stay at a decent distance, not very near, nor very far. Do not get divided into zones also. Stay at a distance where you can spot each other without much effort and keep a communicating. This is a powerful defensive technique, just in case someone is pinned down, others will know the location of the killer and they can target him. You must also alert your players if they are moving too fast. Try to keep your communication minimal but constant for example shouting Danger or Slow Down, etc to tell others. If all team is at one place there are max chances that you can get killed by a grenade. While entering the building do not enter together, let the one go and let others to keep a watch on the windows and doors. If one of your player kills anyone do not rush to gather item stay back, there are max chances that any other ally is still waiting.

Minimum Words But High Impact:

You can make your own signals, or use any standards one. This will help you a lot when the circle shrinks and more players are in the area. For example “Enemy On East”, “Behind Trees West”, etc. Try to use exact words only, if you chit-chat you can confuse others. It is very important to use minimum words to guide others in the game. Even if there is loot or some is dead, etc. In return, other players must always reply in “OK” or whatever they find easy. This will let the player know that his teammates are alerted.

Team Movement Formation:

There are various formations you can try out as you move slowly ahead. Try minimum friendly fire, that is why it is recommended to be at a distance. Let one person to lead, he can slowly move ahead to scout the area and alert others. Don’t stay in open all the time. Get a position and relax. One of the formation is keep following the one who leads, exact same path. This one can be helpful sometime. Staying at a distance will help you to avoid getting died by a grenade.

Following these tips will surely help you when you are playing in a team, you can still try out your own strategy but do remember that communication matters a lot in the game. Without having a proper communication your team can get easily confused. Do share in the comments below what are your best tips when you are playing in a team.