How To Safely Clear Buildings Loot In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Karakin map

Buildings or military base in PUBG in villages are spot to get upgrades, but it can also be risky to enter without analyzing the situation. There are up to 99 other players on the map who are trying to access the vicinity. Each player wants to scavenge whatever they found so that they can be more powerful than others. So entering into any premises in PUBG carries risk similar to running outside. You can get weapons, equipments, consumables, etc in the buildings, but there are certain points you must remember before entering it. In this guide, we will provide you updates related to clearing and entering the building.

PUBG Building Tips

How To Safely Enter And Exit A Building

Looting is an essential part of the game, and items for looting are located in the buildings or in the drop crates. It is important that you must be sure the building is clear before entering it. There is less space inside to move so your escape route is limited, and if you are ambush your chances to die is max. There are many buildings in the game. You don’t really have to follow unique strategies for different premises, the thing will be same here so let’s begin.

If you are having a weapon with the scope, then watch carefully before entering. Look on all the windows and doors. If the window glass is broken then someone is inside or has gone. If the door is open this indicates that someone has entered the building. Verify the same properly it is always possible to players through the window.

If you are sure enough then verify the building corners first, do not move randomly, and go slow. If anyone is hiding you can spot their body or weapon part. You will have to verify all the rooms before you plan to scavenge items in here. Don’t forget to close the door once you enter so that others are not notified about your location.

Rely on the noises, you can easily hear footsteps which will indicate there is someone and you are ready enough to face the player. There can be door opening sounds, window breaking sounds, gunshots, etc.

Good items can be mostly found on the second floor, if you are not sure about entering, then load your weapons and enter through the door, scan the corner and shoot if you find anyone. This one is a risky part, but if you are fast you don’t give others chances to attack.

Keep your consumables ready with you, enemies can be anywhere in the village area. Instead of counter attacking try to escape in the building and restore your health. You can find some more inside.

Try not to stay near the windows, if you are near then you can be hit by a grenade or a sniper. If you spot anyone behind the door or near the corners, use stun grenades.

Avoid driving in the vehicle near the buildings, you are already making a lot of noise, you have to approach quietly without alerting anyone. Also from a distance use the weapon scope to locate anyone on the roofs.

If you find yourself trapped, you can escape from the window or from the doors. It is possible to break the doors using weapons and grenades and you can clear your passage. For escaping throw windows hold Crouch + Jump you will pass really fast. If you hear gun fire outside then it means there are players around, you have to be cautious.

Following these tips will help you to scan the premises safely, you can also follow your own strategies, but it is always recommended to look well before entering.