How To Heal Fast, List Of Healing Items And Their Effects – PUBG

Getting attacked and losing your health fast is one of the most obvious things you will face in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The game puts a bunch of players on an island and the circle keeps on restricting pushing more and more player in each other’s vicinity. So this is more like a do or dies situation. Healing yourself fast can help you to survive for a longer time. There are different factors that contribute to keep your health rate always high. Like Clothing, the outfits not only increase your inventory capacity but also add some durability. The Vests, especially in PUBG, adds Durability up to 300 to your character. Having a Level 3 vest will help you to block your health falling rate. And then comes the healing factors, in this guide, you will find tips on healing fast.

PUBG Consumable Tips

How To Heal Fast In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

You will have to use healing regularly as the circle shrinks. Healing will take some time, so you have to be fast at it. in this guide you will get some essential tips on the healing part of PUBG. Healing at the right time means instant revival or else you would die instantly.

What Items Are Used For Healing?

Items like Bandages, Medkit, First Aid Kit, Painkiller, Energy Drinks and Adrenaline Syringe are used for healing the game. Each of them grants you some HP that adds to your health. Like the Bandages offers you 10 HP, but they can’t be use unless your health goes below 75. Bandages are also the most common healing items you will get in the game. The healing items also take some times, Bandages require up to 4 seconds, so you will have to find a safe place to apply them.

List of Healing Items and their effects:


PUBG Bandage Tips

Grants 10 HP, takes 4 seconds to heal. Cannot heal if HP is over 75. Avoid carrying more than 20 bandages. When you use this the health will recover over time and you will see the health bar filling up slowly. It will be red first and then go white, wait for three times and use the bandage. It will save your time.

Energy Drink:

PUBG Energy Drink Tips

Offers boost for around 2 minutes along with health regen around 23%. The boost will cancel if you are moving, or shooting. It also cancels if you are in the vehicle. To get both health and speed at the same time take 2 energy drinks.


PUBG Painkiller Tips

First Aid Kit: First Aid-kits are also less common consumable but they are better than bandages. It is an instant healing item. By having a kit you can save a lot of time and heal fast. You get an instant 75 Health. It does not work if your health is over 75, so use it wisely when required. Also if you do any activity the effect of this consumable will be cancelled.

PUBG Medkit Tips

Med Kit: It is a rare item, you can find it in Air Drops only. It is one of the most useful items in the game, you get an instant 100 Health if you have one. The casting time is 8 seconds. Painkillers, Energy Drink and Syringe along with Med-kit are the only four items that offer you a full 100 Health. Compare to the other three Med-kits can instantly heal to 100% while others take time. Remember there is an 8second casting time so use it when you are in a safe location.

Adrenaline Syringe:

PUBG Arenaline Syringe Tips

Rare consumable can be located only in military crate drop. It takes around 8 to 10 seconds to heal. It fills booster bar that offer you health regeneration and faster running for a limited time. The boost will remain active for around 5 minutes with health boost regen up to 86% and +6 movement speed raise. A med-kit equivalent consumable.

Fast Healing Tips:

Map Healing Items Keys: By knowing about the above consumable it will be now clear to you what is important. There is also gas can that you can carry which will be used to refuel vehicles. So if you find any do carry it. Keep the healing items within your reach. Like mapping them on 7, 8, 9 and 0. When you are attack you will not really have to open your inventory to take them, you can just hit the button to use it. Each healing items has a casting item if that is down to 0.5 seconds you move without worrying about getting the effect cancelled.

Find These Items Fast: When you enter the battle try to find an auto-rifle to defend yourself as soon as you can. Get a backup and a bulletproof vest. Healing items can be located around, and try to get a helmet. A vest will provide you the extra durability that will reduce you health fall rate till some extent, and other items will increase your inventory capacity so that you can carry more items.

Use Boost To Cross A Dangerous Area: If you are in a location where a lot of players are around and you have to cross it fast, then use a boost item at this point. For example a Painkiller or an Energy Drink. Both offers heal over time plus advantage of the extra speed that is very important when you are running from enemies.

Use First Aid-Kit As Bait: This can be an additional tip type you can follow on your own will. If you spot a first-aid kit in a building take one and leave other on the floor near a dead opponent. Anyone who enters will try to grab it, you can camp on a safe location and shoot them down to get more items.

So these are some of the ways that can boost your healing in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. You can also share what things you can find best in the comment section below.