How To Master Ground Combat Tips – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Once you are on the island in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds your struggle to stay alive till the end begins, the circle shrinks with time pushing the players near to each other. This is the place where your Ground Combat skills matters a lot. There are various factors that determines your kill rate, your wining ranks, and other things. Always starting with a strategy will be helpful, instead of just wandering around and finding others to kill. Remember in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds the last kill matters the most and it has a direct impact on your ranking. Below you can find some tips on ground combats that will help you in PUBG.

PUBG Ground Combat Tips

Best PUBG Ground Combat Tips

Ground Combat is where you are dealing with other enemies. There will be many time you have to face multiple it is always best to keep a escape point ready. If you try to tackle their attacks you might die soon.

The Noises:

Keep listening to the noises around, this one is a crucial point of ground combat. Things like gunfire makes loud noises, this means there can be a fight going around. vehicle voices can be heard from the distance. if anyone is nearby you can listen to window breaking, footsteps, walking, crouch-walking, reloading, grenade pin noises. Use these audios as your alert points. If you spot a airplane that means a loot crate is dropped, so more and more people will be around to get their share. Stay alert, next if you find a vehicle parked on a road that also means someone is nearby. Watch for red zones also.

Crossing The Zones:

Depending on your situation you can try escaping the zones to reach the center. For example, if you know that you are in Danger Zone then do not hassle much. If you keep running you won’t be able to target anyone, you will also get detected easily. At this point, it is necessary to stay aware of the surrounding. Don’t fear of getting hit, if you have some consumables with you. You can still jump and get a cover behind tree or rock or any object. If you keep on sprinting then it means you are making too much noise. Avoid that also. If you are in a team then spread and stay connected with each other. Players can alert each other about the zone dangers. Fight only when you have a cover, you can peek easily and once you know where the enemy is shoot.

Maintain Distance:

The island is massive and there will be people running around everywhere. You have to maintain your distance, it is not really necessary to bump into someone, you can just run away. Many will try to reach the center first you can plan your Late Strategy. Starting a bit late so that you are not ambushed by a lot of people. The map is big so take full benefit from the terrain.

Learn To Disappear:

It is the best way to survive, if you are tracked by a sniper, try to hide somewhere and then crawl through bushes to leave your location. There are max chances that the enemy will still focusing on your last spot, so be patience. Stay there for a while, peek and then try to run through covers, next you have to use the grasses and bushes around to escape from the visibility.

Scout For Loot:

In PUBG only the first one who is able to reach the loot crate first safely gathers best items, so if you are behind do not hurry. A loot can be the trap, even if you notice any dead soldier, do not go and stand on it. Stay back and wait for others, many will try to bump into loot to get shot by a sniper or any other enemy. So stay back for a while, if you are able to spot a lot try to go if you are able to scout the area around. Look properly and then move.

Keep A Close Watch On The Kill Feed:

When the game starts the kill feed will not update you much, but as the circle shrinks it becomes very important to watch the feed. Try to use max information from the same. It will give you a glimpse of enemies around. It will also offer you details on items your enemies are carrying around. This will help you to measure their strength. If you know the enemy is already having stronger weapons, you have to take him slowly so that you can loot his items.

Following the above tips will help you to survive on the ground combat, you have to also take full benefit from the movement. For example crouching to avoid exposing your head much, prone camera to spot hidden ones around, etc.