Best Melee Combat Tips For Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


Melee Combat means close fight in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which is pretty obvious in the game. Ample of time you will be facing enemies around you. You have to be prepare for the same, as the circle shrinks players are force to progress towards the center part. The last man stands to win the game. So if you are not prepared for melee combat you will die instantly. At this point having a team always help but there is no guarantee that all will stay alive till the end. So in this guide we bring you some nice tips for melee combat, these tips does not work if you have a good amount of teammates around you, but in case you are left alone and you know that enemies are watching you ahead, you can try out the below methods.

PUBG Melee Combat Tips

Melee Combat Tips

Always Keep Moving:

When you are near to anyone and you are getting attack keep moving. Avoid staying at one location, keep move and shot. It is hard at the beginning but after a while, you will be able to do that swiftly. There is a difference in speed as you move with our without weapons, you are bit faster when you are not having the weapon. There is a few seconds difference so try to take benefit from it. There will be two possibilities you would be hit or missed, so try your best to escape if you are unable to tackle the attack.


This works if players are not having any weapons or if the enemy is unaware. You can cause a bit more damage by sprinting and then punching the enemy ahead. Compare to the regular one you get some extra damage here and possible chances that with few punches the enemy can die. So always try this out. Always aim for the faces, instead of any other body part, this also add more to damage.

Assault Rifles Are Handy:

Almost all assault rifles are helpful when you are moving, there is M4, AK, Scar, etc. These are full auto rifles that will help you to damage enemy around you. Shotgun and Sniper has their own limitations so you cannot trust them all the time. You have to be swift when you are shooting without losing aim of your target, and there rifles helps a lot. Shotguns can be experimental, it does cause a heavy damage if use properly but you have to be close. Shotguns are slow that is one of the major issue.

Sometime Try Machine Guns:

If you can find a machine gun then you can just spray it around, it doesn’t matter what amount of enemies are around. M249 is a good one, you can attack on cars with it and it will destroy it in no time. Also, it can cause high damage, a close range attack with this one is a sure kill. There are also sub-machine guns which offer you more speed, with an extended clip you can cause more damage.

With these few tips you can make your melee combat better, one of the best way is to stay hidden. It might not be possible all the time, but there are chances that you can ignored by anyone around and then you can plan your way to kill the enemy.