PUBG Replay guide – top controls for getting started

Jump right into the replay.

Image via pubgmaniac

The replay feature in PUBG can be frustrating and finicky to navigate, with no clear in-game guidance once you hop into your desired replay footage. This guide will give a step-by-step on utilizing the replay system and cover the main controls that stand to be the most useful for jumping right into your desired replay.

PUBG records the entirety of games played, along with the perspectives of all of the other players too. This provides an excellent method to review your “chicken dinner” wins or to monitor how your opponents managed to eliminate you, directly from their viewpoint.

To access your in-game replays, navigate to the Main Menu > Career > Replays and select your game of choice.

The replay will immediately take place from the moment the aircraft begins flying over the map, and will by default follow your in-game character’s perspective. Below is a list of the top PUBG replay system controls.

Commands and explanations

  • J – Toggle Timeline On/Off — A timeline will appear at the bottom of the screen, which can be selected with the left click button anywhere along the bar to hop to any point of time within the game. You can also pause, stop, and change the speed of the recording from here, among other things
  • TAB – Toggle Player List On/Off — A player list will pop up on the left-hand side of the screen, displaying the full player list of the server. Clicking on any of the players’ names will jump to their perspective.
  • B – Back to your Character — Immediately jump to your character’s perspective.
  • M – Open Map — Once opened, icons of all alive players are visible. Selecting any player with left click will jump to their perspective.
  • F or Space- Free Camera – Move your camera with ‘WASD,’ left-click on the screen and drag the mouse to turn accordingly.
  • Y – 3rd Person Spectate — Toggle to third-person perspective, and left click to return to first-person perspective

The above controls will give you an excellent place to start when jumping into the replay feature and watching your match of choice, without the headache of attempting to remember all of the controls or frustratingly trying to figure it all out by yourself by aimlessly clicking buttons on your keyboard.