Why Tactical Movement Matters – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [Tips]

Tactical movement in one of the core component for serious players of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. A lot of things relies on the way you plan your movement. Ample of time new players will find getting surrounded or shot by a sniper from distance for no reason at all. That’s because you had not planned how you will move ahead. If you spawn in the center of the circle then you have edge over others who are at a distant. You don’t really have to struggle to stay in the shrinking line, instead, you can camp at a safe location and target those who are coming inside. But if you are away and have to travel then your Tactical movement will determine your survival rate. In this guide, you will find a lot of tips on the movements, which will help both new and experienced gamers.

PUBG Tactical Movement

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Tactical Movement Tips

Understand the Surrounding:

PUBG Environment Tips

First, it is necessary to scout the area, instead of finding a cover like a tree or a bush. When you know your surrounding properly it becomes easier for you to move. There are forests, urban and desert areas in the game. Forest has trees and bushes, there are rocks and hay’s also in some part. These are your default places to hide, you can sneak from there to have a 360-degree look at your location. It will also help you spot other players, and keep you less exposed. Also, don’t underestimate the terrain, there is uneven ground, you can lean on lower areas to reduce your visibility.

Leaning From Corners:

PUBG Peek Movement

Once you spot someone at a distant location the best way to take down the target is to first pick a corner around if it is possible. Then switch to third person view, and hold the lean button. Your sight will give you larger view without exposing yourself. Do this carefully, a lot of movement can make you noticeable. Many players follow this strategy where they peek and hide unless they have the vision of target, by staying lean you can reduce direct damage to you. And you also have enough window to kill the opponent. If you are playing on PC, then you have to use Q & E along with A or D which are the direction to lean.

Windows Can Slow You:

PUBG Window Crossing

If you want to enter a window without getting stuck or reducing your speed, then press the jump button and crouch at the same time. This will help you to instantly enter into a window and shooting anyone inside. Master this move, so that you can easily escape also if you are surrounded inside a building. When you hold Jump + Crouch together you can cross a window really fast without getting stuck. Through basic modification on PC, you can set the control only on Spacebar. For this, you will have to edit GameUserSettings.ini file located in AppData folder. You have to find Jump and Crouch and add Key=Spacebar for both.

Look Around Without Slowing Down:

PUBG Swivel Head

While surveying area, you have to run towards the circle. Without changing your direction or reducing your speed you can pretty easily look around. By doing this on a regular interval will help you to spot opponents in the area or take cover if you are attacked. For perform this, you have to hold the Alt key while running. By pressing holding the key you can easily look around on a broader area on your left and right. It is a very effective method to look around in first person mode.

Listens To The Sound:

PUBG Sound Tips

You listen to footsteps, bullet shots, jump, door voice, vehicle voice, reloading, grenade pin, window breaking, etc. So you have a lot of things to hear in the game, this will give you an indication that someone is around. Footsteps are easy to notice when you are camping, you can prepare yourself for an encounter. So keep noticing the sound around, this will add more strength to your gameplay. Having a good headphone is recommended.

Picking Items:

PUBG Item Pickup

Avoiding putting a lot of time in taking items from a crate or while looting from a dead soldier. The fastest way to take them is first clearing your inventory. So that you have enough space for picking up fast. Go and stand over the item and then right click to instantly pick the items. Or you can drag and drop from the floor but this can take time. You have to really quick here, if you are near a supply crate then more players are going to reach your location.

So these are some tactical movements you can try out in PUBG, other things also matter like how you arrange your weapon so that you can switch them instantly. For example, cycling the grenades, you have to work on that and choose the best key combination to speed up your fight.