What To Do In The First 10 Minutes In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

As you spawn on the island in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, there are few essential tips you must keep in mind to survive for a longer time. Many players either new or experienced die soon as they rush towards a safety point or supply crate. The game is unpredictable and can be slow sometime. But if you plan your way ahead, it will be the lot easier for you to stay alive for the longer time. In this guide, we bring you some tips that will help you in first 10 minutes of gameplay.

PUBG First 10 Minutes Tips

What To Do In The First 10 Minutes In PUBG

1: The Landing Zone

When you jump from the plane you will be able to spot other players. There are two things, either you land first or last. Avoid landing on the place where others are around you. Try to find a distance locations somewhere near trees or water. You have to locate an isolated place so that you can go through the surrounding. If you are lucky you can land on loot that will offer you items at the beginning. Learn the map, because the plane path is random if you know the map well it will be easy for you cover distances.

2: Get Essential Gears

Once you are landed on the right spot you have to get the gears and weapons. Essential gears are those which will add extra health to your character. Like the helmet, vest, etc. Nothing else is much important. Healing fast is one of the core aspects that will contribute you to survive in long battle, so learn about them. Items like Med-kits are rare, but you have bandages. And all these items have a casting time, so you cannot expose yourself while using them.

3: Playing As Team Always Help

Try to get some friends with you, playing as a team is always helpful. You can constantly communicate with others about other player’s positions and dangers around. You must plan to get the supplies without engaging into the fight. The plane can randomly appear from anywhere, and once it shows up a lot of player will be running towards it. Here you have to pick a strategy before you step ahead. If you are far from the center then you won’t be facing much opponents so relax, the first thing you will have to do is find a vehicle. Anyone in your group is able to get a weapon, then it becomes easier for the team to play defensive.

4: You Can Find Lot Of Items In Buildings

Buildings is one place where you get many items, but will not be empty. There are maximum chances of people in it. Playing as the team will help you to alert others in case anyone is shot or he has spot anything. So scavenging buildings is best to get items, weapons, etc. Try to jump at the end if you are not really sure about what to do after landing. You will be meeting very few people if you land last.

5: Set Alert Markers On Map

In a group anyone can make a marker that will be visible on the map to other players of your group, this mean the place is safe to cross. This helps a lot when you are travelling towards the center or any trying to pickup dropped items. This is one of the best ways to survive for a longer period, keep talking to your friends and leave the marks around to alert others. It is also beneficial to mark the danger zone.

6: Move From One Check Point To Other

This is another great benefit of playing in a team, one of your players can move ahead and set a check point where others can move safely. You can move in this way unless you encounter the opponents in your path. People usually run towards the buildings to get items, and this hassle can kill you. Understand the map and surrounding is necessary as the beginning whether you are alone or with a team. For a team, it is necessary that all members must equip a weapon and consumable items as early as possible. Then wait back until others fight and kill each other so that you have to face fewer opponents.

7: Stay Undetected

This can be boring, but this is the only way to survive if you are alone. There are bushes around, try to hide in them. Stay in the prone position unless you are completely sure to move. there can be a sniper watching you. Do the same if you have a tree or a building around. Even if you are detected other players will attack and reveal their position. This means others around are also alerted which can lead to a fight among them.

8: Distract Others And Move

You can use a Smoke Grenade. Try to release it on opposite direction, and run away from there. This will distract others that you are in the smoke and you can cross away easily. It is not good to stay at one place for a really long time, snipers are the most annoying part of this game.

Following the above tips will help you to analyze your situation and plan your fight in PUBG. Do share in the comments section below what are your best methods you follow in the game to win.