8 Things You Must Avoid In Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Many of us are not aware about everything in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. And these things can turn fatal in the game, so in this guide, you will find things you must be aware about before playing the game. The game will take you to a hostile ground of around 60 players who will be competing with each other and the last man standing wins. So it is a time-consuming process to stay alive in the gaming. By knowing these tidbit things you can increase your chances of survival.

PUBG Be Aware

8 Important Things To Avoid To Survive The Longest

PUBG can be frustrating some time, because a player has to learn many things here. Many factors rely on your win, and this is not possible to understand in few rounds.

1: Be Clear In Communication

You and your team must be clear in talking, assuming someone has spot an opponent will not help at all. You and your team must learn the alert system. It is essential for everyone. Keep the talking simple and clear, always convey the message in simplest possible manner. For example, “spotted enemy on left hill near trees”, this gives precise instructions to everyone. And if you are playing solo then you have to rely a lot on the sounds. Each sound can be an opponent around.

2: Learn About Gears & Consumables

There are consumables in the game, these are important to restore your health. You must understand well about them. For example a few consumable cannot boost your health above 75, always keep the priority ready. What to use and when to use, the consumable also have a casting time, you will have to wait for their effect. The same comes to gears, there is Level 1 to Level 3 in Gears like Helmet or Backpack or Vest. Highest level means more durability.

3: Don’t Use Single Vehicle

If you are playing on a team then avoid using a single vehicle, try to split multiple between the teams so that you can cover a bigger area in speed. There are many opponents who will shoot the tires and can easily target you all. You can split easily and save your team mates in case of attack.

4: Don’t Use Common Paths

Sometime spending a bit time in finding an alternate route always help. For example, if there is a bridge then there will be others who are watching to shoot. So you can try some other path to avoid the attack. Always try to find a different route.

5: Don’t Run Behind Others

If you spot someone and him hides then don’t run behind him. Instead take cover, wait for the opponent to expose himself and then take a shot. Ample of time many players will try to lure you and as you reach near you will be killed. If you spot players head from a distance and he is not moving then remember he is a sniper.

6: Don’t Spend Much Time on Air Drops

If you are able to reach near the crate safely then try to get what is needed. Don’t spend much time in gathering the item, there are always players who will be heading to get their share. Air drop will remain there for some time, you can camp at a distance to kill if anyone appears. Wait for someone to get killed.

7: Use Grenades To Clear Buildings

If you spot someone in the building then throw grenades through the window to kill them. Use the same whenever you have a chance, you don’t really have to use your gun all the time. Grenades can also help you to kill multiple opponents.

8: Know The Zones

The zones are your chance to succeed in the game. Your primary objective is to reach the white zone so that you are on the front of attack line. So you have to understand this first, or else you will be struggling around to reach. Always aim of white zones.

More things you will learn as you advance in the game, these are some crucial points you have to remember. Do share your views in the comments section below.