Quake Champions: Best Beginner Tips and Tricks On Key Binding, Weapons, Mouse Settings, Maps

While playing a multiplayer game like Quake Champions there are many factors that may be small but has a good impact on the gameplay. Always try to keep your health and armor full. Also, keep on moving, don’t stand in one place. There are much more such things to note down, so without wasting time let’s start with the Quake Champions: Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide.

Quake Pro Beginners Guide

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Settings and Key binding:

  • Make sure to change the controls of the game according to your comfort. As this will be very easy for any new or old player.
  • We mostly keep the control of changing the weapon close to WASD as it becomes easy to switch between the weapons at a fast rate.
  • And if you are not comfortable with the jump and crouch button too, then feel free to change it according to what you want.
  • In the video, settings try to keep settings that will give you an output at 120 FPS for a smooth game play. Also, try to keep the music on a lower level in-order to hear your opponents perfectly.

Keep Running:

  • To dodge machine gun, rail gun, shotgun and lightning gun, Strafe to left and right.
  • The most important thing is to keep on moving from one place to another.
  • Don’t stay around in the same room for a long period of time.
  • Don’t ever try to CAMP.
  • Don’t halt against the Tri-bolt and rocket launcher, keep jumping if they are in your opponents hands.
  • By any means in a fight, if your foe had escaped successfully then don’t run after him, get in search of health and armor and then again try to get them, or-else you will die horribly.

Be fully charged:

  • Always be in a search of Health and Armor if you are running low on it.
  • If you don’t then you will be losing your life.
  • Try keeping a note of all armors and health spots on the maps in your mind, so that it will be easy for you to charge up whenever you are running low.

Switch Weapons:

  • As you play the game try changing the weapons whenever needed as it affects a lot, all the different situations have got a different method to react on.

Powerful weapon: These weapons are very easy to use and can take frags quickly.

  • Lightning Gun – It is known as the God of Mid ranged weapons. For a heavy damage on the Tank champions, keep the crosshair on the hero, as this deals massive damage.
  • Rocket Launcher – With this one in hand, you will have to predict the opponent movement then hit on his feet.
  • Rail Gun – The Sniper of Quake which deals heavy damage is easy to use just by Pointing and clicking, but the reload time make you vulnerable and open to the world. Use it when you know that you have a better cover and you are 100% sure that the opponent is not going to shoot back at you and when you have no other weapon with you.

Normal Weapons: These weapons can be used when the above 3 weapons are not in your hand and these can also cause a heavy damage when clubbed with the Quad Damage.

  • Nail gun – When you know that someone is about to come from the door or the gate, just spray on them and get the frag.
  • Shotgun – The best gun for a close combat and also deals a heavy damage on the opponent. And even the best one against the small champions.
  • Tri-bolt – Use this weapon by aiming at the object and not at the players, like the quad, mega and armor.

All about Quad Damage: Except the dual mode, this power-up spawns right in the center of all the maps, after making and announcement “INCOMING QUAD”, 15 seconds prior to its spawn.


  • After hearing the call, try to get to the spawn areas of the Quad, even if you don’t get it, make a point that someone from you team only gets it.
  • Once your teammate has made it with the quad, follow them closely as if they die then you have the opportunity to take the quad.
  • Don’t try to pick any health or armor when you friend is in quad as he needs it the most.
  • And when you have the quad don’t think that you are God and jump into a team of opponent waiting for you to kill you.
  • Try to stick with your team.


  • Don’t straight away run for the Quad, as you might be killed very brutally and you might feel bad for it.
  • Be at a distance and then fire rockets and kill the next one who tries to pick it.
  • And when you see the area is clear then go ahead and collect the quad.
  • And if you are near and someone is trying to collect the quad then, just keep on shooting at the point.


  • Here you will have to do teamwork and secure the power-up zone. Protecting will let you have a damage of one fourth of the quad. And when you have the Power, make sure that its stays in your obelisk.

About Heavy armor and Mega Health:

  • This two are crucially important in the duel match as they increase +100 hit points and also give you 50 points more than the usual one.
  • These both are located at the either corners of the map
  • As when you play in 1v1 this will play a very important thing as, 50 more points will be more plus point.
  • And as you collect these have a look at the top of the screen and add 30 seconds to the time and then come back to collect the same after that time.

Mouse Settings:

  • For this you will have to test that how bad you are with the Lightning Gun. If you are having a tough time while aiming in a moving state then LOWER the sensitivity.
  • Try to get the perfect setting that you are the most comfortable with, mostly by playing for a long period of time with it.
  • Don’t try to copy any other player’s sensitivity, as it might not suit you and your playing style. Try to find your own sensitivity.

Be Sporting:

  • It does not matter if you new to the game, if you play bad, don’t stop.
  • Don’t feel sad, keep on trying and even if you die a thousands of times, as this is a part of your experience.
  • As no player who was introduced to this game in start, started to kill as he spawned on the spot. So take it in a sporting manner. And learn from the mistakes.
  • The more you play the more you will be better in the game.
  • No matter with whom you are competing in the game, even if they are at level 20, just play and try to gather frags for level up.

Learning the Champions:

  • None of the champions in the game are highly powered and nor their abilities. If you play the game properly everything can be nullified.
  • Don’t be under an impression that the champion in front of you has a score 40 and you have a score of 3, then that the opponent is having some sort of special power, NO. It’s just that they are playing good.
  • A good player can play better with any character.
  • Try planning every champion while playing the multiple games and see whose abilities are best for you and which character suits your playing style.
  • Mostly stick to 3 champions and master them and even do their rune challenges along with finding the best way to use their abilities.
  • Players who enjoy outplaying their foes and dodge their attacks can go with the smaller character.
  • By any means if you are good at aiming, then go for a Medium character.
  • And if you are an all-rounder and are expert at everything then go for the Brute force or Tank.


  • As said “Practice makes a Man Perfect”. It completely applies for Quake Champions.
  • In-order to be a pro keep on practicing.
  • Try –playing the game every day.
  • Get your hands onto the controls.
  • Kill silly frags and hard ones. Even get killed by the Champions.


  • Get to know the map, if there is anything that you don’t know about the map then make yourself comfortable with the map.
  • If there is a specific map which is been played more then surely learn that map.
  • Get to know all the spots, with their names.
  • Memorize the location of the items and even find out the safest and the shortest route to travel from point A to point B.
  • Even get to know where a wounded player hides, and get the frags.

That’s all for this guide hope it was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more such updates and do refer or other guide on Weapons in Quake Champions.