Quantum Break Act 1 Collectibles Location Guide

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Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act. Each part of the Act contains Chronon Sources, Intel, and Quantum Ripples and this guide will show you where and how to locate them all in Act 1. If you are looking for for walkthrough and other Act collectibles then do check out our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Act 1 Collectibles

Act 1: Part 1 Collectible Location

In Part 1 of Act 1, there are 14 collectibles you will find in the Riverport University. These collectibles cannot be collected all you need to do is interact with them to know the information. Whenever you come across any of these collectibles it will show you the Bookmark sign which means you can read it. So let’s get started with collecting them all.

Campus Map

After the First cutscene, you will control the Jack Joyce and enter the Riverport University. So head straight and inside the college courtyard, you will come across this Campus Map.

Join the Protest

Once you attend Paul’s call, look at your left you will see the ‘Join the Protest’ table.

Stop Monarch Problems

Keep walking forward into the courtyard and check on the right and you will find this Posted Board with bookmark sign.

Please Go Around

Heading straight will get you to the Central Statue where you will see the Please Go Around sign below and right next to it is the Chair with the Radio on it.

Monarch Problems

From the Central Statue take left and you will come across on of the Protest Student called ‘Amy’ and right beside her is this Timeline Poster.

Sign the Petition

Head inside the Tent to activate the television.

Dr. Kim and Paul Serene

These two collectibles are found right at the entrance of the Main Building where you see the Giant Memorial.

Research Center

Once you get inside the Research Center and done Meeting Paul check out the Reception area where you will interact with the Laptop.

Manipulating Time

Sit right in front of the Projection screen room to grab the collectible.

Picture and Laptop

Follow Paul into his office and there you will find this picture and the Laptop on his table.

Tablet and the Pinboard

Head forward you will see the final collectibles on the table(Tablet) and the Pinboard on the Left.

Act 1: Part 2 Collectible Location

In Part 2 of Act 1, there are 3 collectibles and 1 Quantum Ripples you will find inside the Research Center. So let’s get started with collecting them all.

Desktop Computer

After the Fracture in Time, you must follow Will until you both escape the Server room and find this Computer.

Quantum Ripple

Once taking out the Enemies from the First time in the game you will come across the Whiteboard in the top right corner of the room. Check out this first Quantum Ripple.

Tablet 1

Keep Following William and you will come across the main Lobby where the Monarch Guards come outside the Lift so kill them first and find this tablet right in the back area.

Tablet 2

As you head outside the Elevator the Stutter will take place and everyone will get Frozen. While Following Will towards his car you will find this Tablet with an Email displayed on it.

Act 1: Part 3 Collectible Location

In Part 3 of Act 1, there is only 1 collectible that you need to find outside the Library Area. So let’s get started with collecting them all.


This is the Only collectible in the Part 3 section of Act 1 and can be found outside the Library area where Jack will struggle getting inside the Library. Use the Time Vision to Locate it easily.

Act 1: Junction – Hardline/PR

In Junction part of Act 1, there are 2 collectibles and 1 Quantum Ripple that you need to find outside the Dock Area. So let’s get started with collecting them all.

Quantum Ripple

Once you have taken control over Paul Serene, the only way you need to head is Straight and meet Hatch. So this Quantum Ripple is hard to miss, you can find it on the Cardboard Box right next to the Truck on the Right.

Collectible Map

As we Mentioned above that you need to walk straight so it is hard to miss these collectible. Thus completing the Act 1 Collectible List you can continue with the Act 2 Collectible.