Quantum Break Act 2 Collectible, Chronon Sources and Quantum Ripples Location Guide

 Quantum Break Act 2 Collectible, Chronon Sources and Quantum Ripples Location Guide

Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act 2. Each part of the Act 2 contains Chronon Sources, Intel, and Quantum Ripples and this guide will show you where and how to locate them all in Act 2. If you are looking for for walkthrough and other Act collectibles then do check out our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Act 2 Collectibles

Act 2: Part 1 Collectible Location

In the First part of the Act 2 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 7
  • Intel – 1
  • Collectible – 9
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 1:

Chronon Source 1

The First Chronon Source can be found at the back of the Warehouse where you see the stack of woods.

The Painting

As you head outside to check the Wall on the Right wit ha painting of ‘Liam and Beth’. Interact to collect them.

Chronon Source 2

Inside the Warehouse, you will find a room at the back which has the hidden Chronon Source inside it.

William Notes

In the same Warehouse, you must solve the puzzle to get inside the communication room and collect this collectible. Use your Time Vision to get the clue.

Quantum Ripple and Laptop

Inside the Room, where you see Paul on the Television you will find this collectible along with Quantum Ripple.

Chronon Source 3

After taking down the Monarch guards and turning on the Generator for the Lift you can check this Chronon Source up against the Steel Pilar.

Intel 1

Take down the enemies and save Amy from Monarch Guards, in the same room, you will find this Intel on the Table which has the Map.


In the Same room where you find Amy, check out for the Laptop near the window.

Chronon Source 4

While heading towards the Drydocks with Amy, you must jump the Containers to get inside the Building, while Climbing check out the Chronon Source on the Left next to the scaffolding.

Chronon Source 5

Adjacent to the Control room there is a secret room which has this Chronon Source. Use your Time Vision to locate them.

Chronon Source 6

Climb up into the Fenced area to grab this Chronon Source.

Laptop and Radio

These two collectibles are found inside the Control Room so hard to miss out these.

Chronon Source 7

Right outside the Warehouse, you will find this Chronon Source near the Green Painting.


The Final two collectibles can be found at the Warehouse where you fight your way to get to the other side of the Building.

Act 2: Part 2 Collectible Location

In the Second part of the Act 2 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 7
  • Intel – 1
  • Collectible – 13
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 2:

Dr. Amaral

Once you made to the other side of the Building check the television with a photo of Dr. Amaral.


Take down all the enemies waiting for you downstairs. On the right, you will find this Laptop.

Chronon Source 1

Using the Time Rewind ability will help you get upstairs, then head down to find this hidden Chronon Source.

Chronon Source 2

There is a Hidden Room Compartment for another Chronon Source which can be found while heading up near the crates.

Chronon Source 3 and Monarch Car

Heading outside of the Warehouse you will find a Trailer with Monarch Car parked near it. Explore the Complete are to get one Chronon Source and 2 collectible.

Tablet and Laptop

After exploring the outer area check the Trailer to get two more Collectibles.

Chronon Source 4

Check out the Big Tank behind the Trailer.

Ground Zero

Once you get past the Monarch Guards and enter the Ground Zero Camp, you can find this sign.

Quantum Ripple

The Camp will suddenly Change and the Fracture in Time will still continue and you will find this Quantum Ripple right next to the old Football sign.

Will’s Laptop

You will be entering Will’s Workshop and here you will be exploring the area to find this Laptop.

Intel and Tablet

Once you head inside the Medical Room and take out the First two Guards find the Tablet and Intel in the same room.

Chronon Source 5

Check out the Graffiti Art on the Wall in the same Area.

Monarch Laptop

Once you get inside the Tent you will find this Monarch’s Laptop.

Chronon Source 6

This one is a bit tricky and you must use the Time Vision outside the tent and on your left you will this Chronon floating.

Tablet Van

Check out the Monarch open Van you will find the Tablet inside.

Chronon Source 7 and Tablet

Heading back inside the Tent you will find the tablet and Chronon Source near the lockers.

Act 2: Part 3 Collectible Location

In the Third part of the Act 2 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 5
  • Collectible – 11

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 3:

Chronon Source 1 and 2

Once you reach Bradbury Swimming Pool Building, head right and try to climb to the Top. You will find the first Chronon on the side of the Roof(Graffiti) and the other one inside the Building near the Shelf.

Will’s Tablet and Radio

The Collectibles here cannot be missed as you can easily locate then inside the first office using the Time Vision.

Chronon Source 3

Check out this Chronon right opposite of the ventilation system above a central table.

Chronon Source 4

Follow the Red Cables once you are done watching the Will’s video. It will take you into the room with the connection Box and this Source.

Collectibles and Chronon Source in Will’s Workshop

Once you get inside Will’s Workshop there are 7 collectibles to be found here. Along with a Chronon Source near the area where you reset the Core.

Act 2: Junction – Business or Personal

In Junction part of Act 2, there are only one collectible you need to find inside Paul’s office Area. So let’s get started with location.

Paul’s Laptop

After the Cutscene with Hatch, head back to the corner and you will find this Collectible Laptop. Thus completing the Act 2 Collectible List you can continue with the Act 3 Collectible.