Quantum Break Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide – Industrial Area

 Quantum Break Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide – Industrial Area

If you have done making the Decision in the first part of the Junction – Hardline/PR then it must have followed you to the Episode 1 of the Quantum Break. Once you have watched the Episode the Act 2 will start and you will be playing from Jack perspective. So let’s see what happens next after your Kidnap from the Campus.

Industrial Area

Industrial Area

You continue your interview with Clarice Ogawa and explain to her what happened next after the Kidnap. You get control of Jack in one of the Monarch truck where Liam has caught Beth and the time stops you take away their gun and Runaway.

Exit the Warehouse

Use your Time Vision to locate the Exit, you must climb up the Wooden plank to get up to the Door and once you get outside the Warehouse you will find yourself in the Industrial Area. Now the Time Freeze is finished so go ahead to the Next room and now you can detect the destructible objects which you can shoot to make your way or kill enemies.

Do not hit the Destructible object as you need to climb from there to the next roof. Go ahead to get to the Other Side. If you have already hit the object then you have the ability to fix back in time for few objects. Once you get inside the Room you will see Serene on the TV communicating with Commander Ogawa. Search the room and get all the clues.

Fight through the Warehouse

Once you did with the gathering move to the Storehouse 1 and use the Time Vision to locate the enemies nearby. Now take all of them out, starting with the Destructible objects which can take a bunch of enemies then head towards the left to take some more backup guards.

Exit the Warehouse

Finally, head outside the Warehouse but makes sure you have explored the area and collected all the items in the Warehouse. You need to turn on the Yellow Generator in order to use the Elevator and head out. Once you turn on the Generator Beth will contact you and guide you with the area and operation.

Get to the Serene At the Drydocks

After talking to Beth on the phone you will see the Drydocks and while heading you see Amy in one of the Room and the Monarch Guards are forcing her to give the false confession against you. Now take down the guards and then Talk to Amy, she will guide you with the Security Station road from where you can head towards the Drydocks.

Head down and turn on the Gate control from the right Door and follow Amy. You will get outside the Locked door and she will ask you to climb the broken window on the second floor. So head left from the door and star climbing on the containers. Once you head to the Top you see the roof attached to the building is weak and falls as you jump now you need to use the Time Freeze to Quickly pass the Roof and get in.

Find your way to the Ground Zero

Ground Zero is where we need to head next, while Amy will be in contact via radio so continue moving forward and you will be learning the Time Blast technique to charge and blast the area. Kill them all and you will have some new Armored Shotgun guards waiting for you so use your abilities well and take them down. Make sure you use you Time Vision to locate your enemies faster.

Disable the Security to access the sky Bridge

Amy informs you that the Guards are on high alert and you must get there quickly before they lock you out. To Disable the Security head back towards the locked room(use Time Vision) and use the Laptop to Disable it.

Cross the Sky-Bridge

Amy again contacts you that Security is now heading towards you to take you down. Jump out from the Container and take cover then plan your attack to take the guards down. There will be 8 guards with one Armored Shotgun so plan it accordingly. We recommend to take cover and play in a sneaky way but it all differs from player to player. Thus Ending the Part 1 of the Act 2. Continue with the Part 2 of the Act 2 or you can check out our Quantum Break Wiki to know more about the game.