Quantum Break Act 3 Collectible, Chronon Sources and Quantum Ripples Location Guide

Quantum Break

Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act 3. Each part of the Act 3 contains Chronon Sources, Intel, and Quantum Ripples and this guide will show you where and how to locate them all in Act 3. If you are looking for for walkthrough and other Act collectibles then do check out our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Act 3 Collectibles

Act 3: Part 1 Collectible Location

In the First part of the Act 3 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 8
  • Intel – 2
  • Collectible – 17
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 1:

Chronon Source 1

Once you Disable the Turret head up via stairs to find this Chronon.

Cannon Billboard

Near the Wreaked Cannon find the Billboard and interact with it.

Chronon Source 2

Once you Head up activate your Time Vision to locate this Chronon.

Chronon Source 3

On your way towards the Radar Tower, this Chronon can be found on the left of the Gate.

Chronon Source 4 and 5

After passing the gate you will be fighting a bunch of Monarch Guards and after taking the two snipers you will find this Chronons right beside the red Tower along wit hone collectible inside the little shed.

Quantum Ripple and Laptop

Head inside the Radar Tower and you will find this Quantum Ripple near the Laptop.

Headquarters Map

Before using the Elevator have a look at the Headquarter Map.

Chronon Source 6

While Exploring the R&D Facility you will come across the second Map with Chronon next to it.

Lab Poster

As you get inside the Lab use your Time Vision to locate the Poster and Laptop.

Monarch Enemies

Again you will find a Wall with a list of Monarch Enemies Poster and the Timeline.

Chronon Source 7

At the end of the hallway, you will find this Chronon near the Door.

Intel 1 and 2

After heading inside Dr. Amaral’s office area you will 10 collectible. Search in every room for the collectibles along with two intel.

Chronon Source 8

The Last Chronon is locked between the lockers on the Ground Floor.

Act 3: Part 2 Collectible Location

In the Second part of the Act 3 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 8
  • Intel – 1
  • Collectible – 7
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 2:

Chronon Source 1

Once you begin the Part 2 chapter, check the second-floor office where you will find the Chronon Source along with 3 collectibles in the first office.

Chronon Source 2

Right next to the Elevator.

Quantum Ripple Tablet

In the garage area, take down all the guards and then check out this Quantum Ripple next to B2 Parking area.


Inside the Office where you turn off the alarm you’ll find this Radio.

Chronon Source 3

Before heading upstairs make sure you pick up this Chronon Source near the stairs.

Chronon Source 4

Near the Locked Gate is the Fourth Chronon.

Pickup Truck

On your way to the Mansion, you will find the White Pickup Truck at the Entrance.

Chronon Source 5

On the Mainstage is the Fifth Chronon.

Chronon Source 6 and Intel

While heading towards Sofia’s Office explore the Mansion to find the Chronon Source near the Couch along with the Intel.

Sofia’s Tablet

Near the Coffee Table, you will find the last collectible.

Chronon Source 7

Look outside on the Patio next to one of the Pillars to locate this Chronon. Use your Time Vision to locate.

Chronon Source 8

While heading towards the office to open the Gate for Beth, you will be fighting against the Snipers so take them down and grab this Chronon near the Patio. Thus completing the Act 3 Collectible List you can continue with the Act 4 Collectible.