Quantum Break Act 3: Monarch Gala, Kidnap Dr. Amaral Walkthrough Guide

 Quantum Break Act 3: Monarch Gala, Kidnap Dr. Amaral Walkthrough Guide

Once you get the Harness for Beth from Research Facility you should head back to Monarch Gala before there is another Time Stutter. This Walkthrough guide will show you how to complete the second part of the Act 3 and how to kidnap Dr. Sofia Amaral from Monarch Gala. Also, check our Quantum Break Wiki page to know about the walkthrough, collectibles and more.

Monarch Gala

Monarch Gala

Find a way out of the R&D Facility

As you open the Door from Amaral’s office, Part 2 of Act 3 will begin and you are still finding the way to get to Monarch Gala and Meet Beth so go ahead and explore the area. As you reach the Garage make sure you hit all the guards before they unfreeze.

Clear the Enemies and Turn off the Alarm

There will be backup coming so get ready for some action. The time freeze is over so the Alarm will call for more backup take out the enemies then go ahead and quickly turn off the alarm. As you open the door a Huge Armored Guy with a machine gun will come out so take him down same as you killed Juggernaut(attack the back). Get inside and turn off the alarm and Beth will update you about the party at Gala.

Find Way out of the R&D Facility

Now that you have taken care of all it’s time to head towards the Party and find Dr. Amaral. First, take out the Guards in the garage then head outside from the Right exit. As you head out there will be Stutter disturbance again so simply avoid and keep climbing and jumping to the next Area.

Deactivate the Chronon Dampeners

While Jumping you could easily sense another Chronon Dampener nearby and you must deactivate it asap to regain your powers. As you enter the Dampener area your powers will be disabled so be careful while taking out the 5 guards. Deactivate the Chronon Dampener near the Tower and another guard will be ready to take you down. Show him how is the boss and then head back to the Time Reverse Echo, jump on the truck then head inside the Monarch Mansion.

Find Beth and Release her

The Stutter is about to end so you must find Beth and release her from the Stutter. Head inside the Mansion and free Beth and watch the cutscene. Now that you have a company she will guide you with Sofia’s office location. Follow her or use your Time Vision to grab some collectibles nearby. Head up and release Dr. Amaral as well to kidnap her and help them Escape.

Take out the Enemies

The Stutter is gone and every guard in Monarch is alerted so make sure you are quick with taking out the enemies and let Beth and Dr. Amaral Escape from the boat. Focus on the Snipers first then the rest. You need to keep moving while taking them down as Beth and Dr. Amaral are waiting for you to open the gate for the boat.

Fight your way through the Garden

Once Beth and Amaral are gone you are free to take out all the guards with ease and head back to the Mansion. Clear the Guards first in order to get the keys and the getaway car. Thus ending the second part of Act 3 and you can continue with the Junction part of Act 3 – Amaral/Hatch or check out our Quantum Break Wiki Guide to know about the game, walkthrough, collectibles and more.