Quantum Break Act 3: Research Facility, Dr. Amaral Walkthrough Guide

 Quantum Break Act 3: Research Facility, Dr. Amaral Walkthrough Guide

At the End of Junction 2, Paul Serene must take a decision which will be either personal or Business favor. We chose to be it in Personal favor so we ended up with Beth and continue our hunt for Dr. Sofia Amaral. This Walkthrough Guide will show you how to complete this chapter. If you are looking out for collectibles then do check our Quantum Break Wiki Guide.

Research Facility

Research Facility

After Episode 2 is over, Beth steps in and rescue us from the Locked room. Now you must focus on the main mission where you need to kidnap Dr. Amaral, but let’s see how the act has to show us in this Monarch Gala.

Time Rush

Beth asks you to head towards the R&D facility as her cover isn’t going survive all night. She also disabled the security at the back door so you can contact her once you clear out the guards. As you enter the underground you will learn one more ability called time rush. With this ability, you can move twice as faster than the normal time(Flash).

Escape the Detention Area

As you clear the underground and head up Beth will guide you with the Radar Tower up ahead. be careful of the automatic machine gun which will start firing as you are detected. You can use your new ability here to get behind the gun and disable it. Use your Time vision to locate the next clue and gets going with it.

Reach the Radar Tower

Use your Time Reverse ability to fix the bridge then the Time rush ability along with it to get across the area within that time or else you will fall. Once you move forward you will find two of the Monarch guards near the Gull Island Sign. Take them out then use the Time Vision to get some clue and finally you will use the Time Reverse ability again to fix the old cannon to get up there.

Take out the Enemies

This area is covered with dozens of Guards including 3 Guards with snipers and 2 machine guns so make sure you are quick enough to take them all and keep taking cover whenever your run low in health. Once you clear the area Beth will contact you and she will unlock the door so that you can continue your hunt inside the Radar Tower.

Enter the Radar Tower

Head inside the Tower, but first collect the Chronon below to your right Staircase. Get inside and take the elevator down to the R&D Labs. You will be attacked in the Elevator so make use of time free and Time Rush to get past the attacks. According to Beth, the Guards are already aware you were coming there.

Escape the Elevator

Get out of the elevator as the time freezes and now you can either take the guards out or get to the Door which is unstable due to the Time freeze. here you will learn new ability to control the Unstable Objects use it to past the door. Or you can also use the Time Rush ability to quickly get through the other side.

Explore the R&D Facility

As you get inside the R&D Facility you will feel drained so be quick to explore the facility. Head right the take the two guards in Yellow who are unaffected by the Time freeze. In this area, you will have Chronon Dampeners which will take your time powers so you must either disable them or lease the area to regain your powers again.

Defeat the Monarch Juggernaut

You can call it a Boss Fight as this guy is very well equipped and ready for the fight but we weren’t. Taking him down is easy if you know you still have your time powers back. Make a fix of Time Rush and Freeze to get behind him and hit the Bag, but first, take the yellow guards then focus on the main boss. Four of those hits on his back and the Juggernaut is down.

Get to Amaral’s Office

Use the Time vision to locate the clue then use the Time Reverse to get inside the Crane and lastly to use the Time rush to get there quickly. Now you must jump quickly before the elevator goes down. Go straight and jump to the right to get to the next elevator which will get you close to Dr. Amaral’s Office.

Collect the Harness for Beth and watch the cutscene. Head down to the Ground floor as you are done explore the area. Once you take the Exit the end of The First part of Act 3 and you can continue with the Part 2 of Act 3 – Monarch Gala.