Quantum Break Act 4 Collectible, Chronon Sources and Quantum Ripples Location Guide

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker

Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act 4. Each part of the Act 4 contains Chronon Sources, Intel, and Quantum Ripples and this guide will show you where and how to locate them all in Act 4. If you are looking for for walkthrough and other Act collectibles then do check out our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Act 4 Collectibles

Act 4: Part 1 Collectible Location

In the First part of the Act 4 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 6
  • Collectible – 5

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 1:

Chronon Source 1

Near the Railing near the Staircase is the First Chronon.

Chronon Source 2

The second Chronon can be found opposite the tanker.

Radio and Television

Before getting out of the Building make sure you pick up the two collectible that is the radio and the television.

Chronon Source 3

While getting towards the Pier, head outside the railing via stairs and take this Chronon.

Chronon Source 4

Take out all the enemies then look out for this Chronon near the Gate Area.

Chronon Source 5

Once you are on the Bridge check out the Frozen cars and signs to make it easy activate your Time Vision and locate 3 collectibles and this Chronon.

Chronon Source 6

Defeat the Juggernaut first then look at the Yellow Ladder where you will find the Chronon on Top of it.

Act 4: Part 2 Collectible Location

In the Second part of the Act 4 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 3
  • Collectible – 12
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 2:

Beth’s Plan

Look out for Beth’s Plan sheet and then near the door you will find the Noticeboard to read about Hatch.

Will’s Radio

Walk through the Door and interact with the radio on the Table.

Chronon Source 1

Once you head inside Will’s Workshop where the Time machine is looking for the Pool where you will find the first Chronon.

Quantum Ripple with Collectibles

After activating the first switch talk to Amy and she will show you the Quantum Ripple along with 7 collectibles.

Chronon Source 2

Get through the Jarred door of the Pool to get inside the Bathroom with a couple of Collectibles along with Chronon Source.

Chronon Source 3

Climb the Diving Board after the second switch and grab this Chronon.

Act 4: Part 3 Collectible Location

In the Third part of the Act 4 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 3
  • Collectible – 6

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 3:

Will’s Laptop

In 2010, Check out Will’s Laptop and Radio right at the start of the part.

Chronon Sources 1

Head towards the Red Scaffolding to Find the first Chronon.


After meeting Beth, follow her and you will come across the Pinboard and Tablet.

Chronon Sources 2

Near the Staircase area.

Chronon Sources 3

Look inside the Lockers right opposite Beth.

Pinboard 2

In the same room, you will find another Pinboard with the last two collectibles.

Act 4: Part 4 Collectible Location

In the Fourth part of the Act 4 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 3
  • Collectible – 5
  • Quantum Ripple – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 4:

Quantum Ripple

While following Beth on the Roof look for the power box where you must interact to activate the Quantum Ripple.

Chronon Sources 1

One you reach the Ground look for the Fenced area with ‘No Trespassing’ sign.

Warehouse Collectible

Head inside the warehouse with Beth and collect all the 4 collectibles.

Chronon Sources 2

Get through the small gap walkway behind the television you will find this Chronon.

Chronon Sources 3

Inside the Cabling room you will find the last collectible of Act 4 and near the Boxes on the roof is your final Chronon Source.

Act 4: Junction – Control or Surrender

In Junction part of Act 4, there is only 1 collectibles you need to find inside Paul’s office. So let’s get started with collecting them all.

Paul’s Laptop

Head upstairs in your office before interacting with the soldier. Collect the information from the Laptop. Thus completing the Act 4 Collectible List you can continue with the Act 5 Collectible.