Quantum Break Act 4 Junction: Control or Surrender Walkthrough Guide

 Quantum Break Act 4 Junction: Control or Surrender Walkthrough Guide

Everything is falling into pieces after what we saw in last part of Act 4. Coming back to the present Paul has the cure to the Fracture, but he is confused whether to save the world who has turned against him or not. With the Treatments, he is struggling out there to Pain. In this Junction walkthrough, we will show you the choices you get to make to change the last part of the game.

Control or Surrender

Monarch Trooper will contact you and ask you to see what they have in the clean up report on Dr. Kim’s lab. So let’s go ahead, meet the Soldier and decide what to do next, but first, seal the Chamber to keep the CFR device safe. Head slowly to your office and talk to the trooper and you will have two options.

Decide to Control

If you choose to Control and hold on to his final effort then he still has allies like Liam Burke and he will stand to take down Jack before he gets the CFR device. Paul can focus on the mission which is the Lifeboat till the end of Time.

Decide to Surrender

If you choose to Surrender then Hatch will get his access back to Monarch while there will be Chaos everywhere and Charlie Wincott will help Jack to get inside Paul’s office to take control of the CFR device.

The Choice you make will affect the further gameplay so make sure you choose the right path. We planned to stay in control despite the pain and turmoil within his Team. Thus Ending the Junction and you can watch the Episode 4. Continue the Act 5 – I’ll Come Back for You walkthrough or check out the Quantum Break Wiki Page to know more about the game. collectibles, intels and more.