Quantum Break Act 4: Port Donnelly Bridge Walkthrough Guide

 Quantum Break Act 4: Port Donnelly Bridge Walkthrough Guide

After you are done Trusting one of Paul’s Best people in Junction 3, it’s time to take control of Jack and help him reach the Mainland to meet Beth and Dr. Amaral and get started with Will’s Time machine. This Walkthrough will show you how to complete the Port Donnelly Bridge Area and if you are looking for Collectibles and other guides then do Check our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Port Donnelly Bridge

The Secret History of Time Travel

This is the New Act after Episode 3 where Hatch turns out to be the one who betrays Paul and wants complete control over Monarch. At the End of the Episode, Paul will send all the guards to find Jack and Dr. Amaral to get her back and start with his Treatments with the Stutter Effects.

Port Donnelly Bridge

As you start the Act you will find Jack in some Corner of the Building hiding from Monarch’s Guards. You must find the way to get to Beth and Dr. Amaral. Head back and start climbing then get inside the Building via broken Window. Use your Time Vision to locate the collectibles and the Way to get through.

Get to the Pier

After the cutscene head down and get to the Pier as soon asap. Now as the Time Freeze look out for the Yellow Guards who are unaffected with the Freeze so quickly take them down and then keep moving forwards to take some more. Once you have dealt with all the guards you need to get across the bridge before the stutter ends and guards start detecting you.

Defeat the Monarch Juggernaut

As you get on the Bridge collect all the intel and information then move forwards to cross the bridge. You will come across this Giant Monarch Juggernaut and as we know his weakness(Back Tank) we can easily take him down with the Time Rush and Quick hits on the Back. After defeating him you will have to deal with four more of the Yellow Guards to get past the bridge.

Survive The Collapsing Bridge

On the Top of the Bridge, you will find the shutter has ended and a Cargo Ship gets Crashed into the Bridge, but this was your luck that the Stutter had again started and you tend to survive. Now Use the Time Vision to locate where to head next and cross the Collapsing bridge.

You will need to use the Time reverse to fix some of your path along with sometimes Rush to avoid the Frozen Crash but just make sure you jump on Time. Once you get to the Cargo ship cutscene will start and this is the End of Act 4 – Part 1 you can continue with the Part 2 – Preparing the Time Machine.