Quantum Break Act 5 Collectible, Chronon Sources and Quantum Ripples Location Guide

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Quantum Break Collectible is scattered across the game and the player has to locate them all to know more about the Act 5. Each part of the Act 5 contains Chronon Sources, Intel, and Quantum Ripples and this guide will show you where and how to locate them all in Act 5. If you are looking for for walkthrough and other Act collectibles then do check out our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Act 5 Collectible

Act 5: Part 1 Collectible Location

In the First part of the Act 5 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 3
  • Intel – 4
  • Collectible – 18

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 1:

Monarch Radio

This Monarch Radio can be found at the Receptionist Desk after clearing the Guards.

Chronon Source 1

Before using the Elevator near the First Door along with the collectible Map for Monarch Office.

Intel and Collectibles

Get outside the Elevator then take out the next batch of enemies. Head towards the Reception desk and grab all three collectibles along with an Intel.

Monarch Tablet

The next two collectibles can be found after taking down few more enemies then head towards the White couch to collect them.

Monarch Office

Take out the Juggernauts then head inside one of the offices to collect it then look at the wall for the Monarch Plans.

Chronon Source 2 and Intel

Get inside the next office to grab 3 collectibles, one intel, and one Chronon Source.

Monarch Tablet

Move forward through the offices and you will come across this tablet on the Brown Table.

Monarch Laptop

Inside the bedroom, there is another laptop to use interacted with.

Chronon Source 3 and Intel

Head downstairs from the same bedroom and there you will find one Chronon Source, one intel, and two collectibles.

Medical Lab

Explore the Medical Lab to find the eighteenth collectible.

Monarch Guards

After taking down the Guards and freeing the rebel one you will find the last 3 collectibles of Part one.

Act 5: Part 2 Collectible Location

In the Second part of the Act 5 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 5
  • Collectible – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 2:

Chronon Source 1

Check out the Lab Coats for the Chronon Source before heading upstairs.

Chronon Source 2

On the top of a forklift, you will find this Chronon Outside.

Chronon Source 3

The Third Chronon is right outside the Parking garage where you head through the gate and this is between the two LED’s above the sofa.


Right next to the Power switch where you turn of the Dampener is the Text Notice.

Chronon Source 4

Climb up the Crane to get this Chronon.

Chronon Source 5

Clear the Library Rooftop and save Will, there you will find the last Chronon Source of Part 2.

Act 5: Part 3 Collectible Location

In the Third part of the Act 5 there are:

  • Chronon Sources – 2
  • Collectible – 1

So Let get started with the Locations in Part 3:

Chronon Sources 1

The same place where you park the Taxi near Bradbury Swimming Pool area.

Will’s Radio

The last Collectible of the Game can be found upstairs near the Cafeteria Area where you collect all the guns in 2010(Act 4).

Chronon Sources 2

Ask you trek towards the Swimming Pool inside the Shower is the Final Chronon Source. Thus completing the Act 5 Collectible List you can continue Quantum Break Wiki Page to know more about the game.