Quantum Break Act 5: Monarch HQ and Return to University Walkthrough Guide

 Quantum Break Act 5: Monarch HQ and Return to University Walkthrough Guide

After watching the Episode 4, everything was falling apart and the entire town was to be a disaster as the time was broken. The End of time was closing in and Jack needs to hurry up to get the CFR and fix the fracture. If you are looking for collectibles part in Act 5 then check out our Quantum Break Wiki page to know more about the game.

Monarch HQ

Take back Countermeasure

Find Serene

As we know time is damaged so in this final Act it will be worst. head forward, look out for Freeze Objects and then clear out the area full of Yellow Monarch Guards. Now activate the door and then head upstairs to take few more guards then take the Elevator to Paul’s office.

Way to Serene’s Office

Fiona will open the door for you and warn you about the guards inside. Head Right after getting inside and throw the Time Blast wherever you see the Bunch of Guards together. Once you clear the first wave, get ready to face a couple of Monarch Juggernaut. Keep moving and exploring the office on your way to Paul’s office.

Jack Joyce vs Liam Burke

Use Paul’s Laptop,and after the cutscene gets inside the door which you unlocked and start looking out for CFR while Paul has already got inside Bradbury Swimming Pool and has his hands on Will’s Time Machine. Fight with Liam until the cutscene triggers. Now head inside the CFR chamber and retrieve it then head back to use the Service elevator and head up to Paul’s Time machine.

Activate the Time Machine

This won’t be easy as you are getting near to the last stage of the game you’ll have to go through everything these enemies have with them. Clear the area once you dine activating the machine. Now travel back to the University where the first time the incident occurred and thus finishing the First part of the Act 5 and continue with the Part 2 – Return to the University.

Part 2 – Return to the University

Here up come back to University where you’ll see your brother escaped the Guards. Kill them then use the Elevator to head down and find Will immediately. Clear the lower level to make your way inside the Library and get Will asap. Get inside the garage and kill all the Yellow Monarch Guards them make use of the Echo to know the Code and Open the Garage Door.

Survive the Ambush

After the Unlocking is done head upstairs and get ready to survive the enemy waves. Turn of the Power Cable then take out the reinforcements in the Dark. Make a good use of your Time Blast and Time Rush here. Use the Time vision to locate the door and then make your Way the Library.

Library Rooftop

Start Climbing up until you see teh cutscene where Beth kills the Tower Guard. Climb on the Top of the Crane and make your way to the top of the Library. Fight your way through the rooftop and clear it asap you need Will alive this time. There will be two snipers waiting for you.

Enter the Library and Save Will

Get inside the Building and run fast to save Will before the explosion. Once the cutscene is over Will asks you to take him to his Time Machine where he can fix the Fracture in the Present Time where Jack came from. Thus, Ending of Part 2 of Act 5 and you can Continue with Final Part of Act – Final Moments which is the Ending of Quantum Break Walkthrough.