Quantum Break Walkthrough Guide: Act 1 – Part 1 Riverport University Experiment

Quantum Break is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game where the player will take control of Jack Joyce who has the power to manipulate Time and freeze everything at that particular time to defeat enemies in the game. This is a Walkthrough Guide which will show you how to complete the stage with ease. If you have any doubts regarding the game then do visit our Quantum Break Wiki Page.

Riverport University Experiment

Part 1 – The Number One Killer is Time

As you start the game and after the Cutscene you will be confronting in an interview with Clarice Ogawa about all the incidents of the Fracture in Time from the Start. The game begins at Riverport University Experiment where you are going to meet your best Friend Paul who is also a scientist so once you have the control get friendly with it and head inside the University.

Meet Paul Serene

This is the Start of the Game, so you will be getting friendly and used to the game mechanics and environment, go ahead and explore and while exploring you will meet different people at the campus and have 16 Narrative Objects to Found(Optional). Finally, you can meet Paul inside the physics building. He will show you the Project Promenade and how it works.

Follow Paul

Follow his commands and do what he says until the cutscene starts and you see Paul multiplies and his clone from the future comes out of the Machine and now he needs to get inside to fix it. He will ask you to change the time and another cutscene will start where you brother(William) interrupts you and Paul’s experiment. Finally, the Core Malfunctioned as the Time was set in future but not activated the machine. Paul gets stuck inside the Machine with you affected by the time collapse. You Enter the Zero State and you can make any object move only if you touch it.

Help Will and Paul

Find Will and bring him to Zero State and when you head back to save Paul you see sirens go off and Monarch Guards will ambush Jack and Will. Follow Will and escape the Building. While you escape the cutscene will start where your powers will start to manifest – an out of control burst of Energy that saved your brother. This is the End of Act 1 – Part 1, continue to check the Quantum Break Act 1 – Part 2 Walkthrough.