Rage Easy Money Tips

Rage players who survive into post-apocalypse knows it very well that money doesn’t comes easily. When you go to buy stuffs, you finds enough supplies but not enough money to get them all. So here is the Rage Easy Money Glitch or Tips to cheat your money counts and increase it to make your survival easy.

Here is the simple method which will allow you to get quick increase of more than 220$ in few seconds and this method is repeatable over and over again. So repeat it until you think you have got enough money.

Rage glitch tip cheat

Rage Easy Money Glitch/Tips:

  • At Ghost Hideout before crossing the bridge look for the respawning Comet Bloom flower, pick one and leave the Hideout. Now when you’ll visit back to Ghost Hideout you’ll find one more Comet Bloom flower will be there at same place. Repeat it again and again and grab as many as you can or just grab ten.
  • Now visit to Halek Hagar at Hagar Settlement and you can sell each flower for 65$, so for ten you’ll get 650$. Wait don’t take a leave from Halek Hagar so soon , now buy back those flowers you have sell at reduce price of 43$ and again sell back them at price of 65$ each.
  • Means this time for doing near about nothing you making profit of 22$ per flower and hence if you take even ten flowers then you have made 220$ profit.
  • Just remembers this, make sure you get those flowers back in your inventory before leaving, because once you’ll leave without taking back flowers, they will be disappear from Shopkeepers selling list on your next visit. And this way you won’t need to find flowers again and again.

Repeat this procedure as many as times you want. Do let us know if this tips has worked for you or not by leaving comments bellow.