Rare Mounts Location – Middle-Earth Shadow of War

In Middle-Earth Shadow of War, the player is allowed to Mount 7 different types of the beast. These beast spawn at random places and once you encounter them try mounting and riding. Out of these 7 Mount Beasts, 3 Mounts are hard to locate and hardly spawn in the complete storyline. Here is where you can locate Ice Graug, Poison Graug, and Fire Graug early in the game.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

As we mentioned there are 7 different types of Mount Beasts – Caragor, Dire Caragor, Graug, Drake, Ice Graug, Poison Graug, and Fire Graug. Excluding the Caragors and Drake, for now, the Graug are giant-like humanoid enemies used to smash your enemies to pieces. Graugs comes with 2 Rider Skills – Devouring Force and Enduring Fury. Both are equally destructive and increases the might gained from basic attacks that land. The Rare Graug includes Ice Graug, Poison Graug and Fire Graug which are even more Stronger. Riding them all awards you with the “Rough Rider” trophy/achievement.

Note: To actually mount the beasts, you need to damage them and then holding CIRCLE near them to dominate them.

Ice Graug Location:

Like other species of Graug, the Ice Graug can also use his hands to grab Uruks in order to restore health. Any other enemies caught in a swinging arm’s path will get knocked back and stunned briefly. These sub-species of Graug can hurl large masses of ice and rock over long distances. You can Locate Ice Graug in the Seregost, so teleport there and check the marked location below.

Ice Graug Location

Poison Graug Location:

Poison Graug is most easy to locate than the rest of the rare Mounts. You can try finding them in Nurnen.

Poison Graug Location

Fire Graug Location:

This Graug skin is reminiscent of a volcano with lava on it and the creature has four large canines possesses. The ability to spit fire and lava along with the secondary effect of smoke curling out of its nostrils. The Fire Graug can be located near Mount Doom/Gorgoroth.

Fire Graug Location

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