Recore – How to Play Like a Pro Tips and Tricks

So you are Struggling against the high-level corebots? I know it is easy to take them down when you have the right companions and at least minimum level acquired. This Pro Tips and Tricks guide will show you to play the game, defeat high-level Corebots, use the extractor and survive in Far Eden. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Pro Guide.

How to Play Like a Pro Tips and Tricks

How to Play Like a Pro Tips and Tricks

Before we get to the Pro Tips and Tricks, I would like you to be aware of the basics first so we are on the same page. If you want to know purely into basics then do check our Beginners Guide for ReCore. So here are the basic actions you will be doing in the game:

  1. Fire Weapon – Drain Enemy’s health
  2. Charge Fire – Destroy Group of Corebytes at once
  3. Lethal Ability – Companion’s Ability to charge on Enemies
  4. Jump and Dash – Cover large area quickly
  5. Extractor – Extracting Cores and Opening Doors
  6. Change Color Affinity – Improve damage for similar colored enemy

If you are familiar with all the above basics then we are good to go ahead for the Pro Tips.

Extracting Cores?

There are two types of Extraction – One by draining the bot’s health to last bar and extract and second when your Combo multipler is above 10 then you get the option to Instantly Extract. While Extracting if the line is red, you need to ease a little then pull it again to make it really quickly. Remember that Instant Extract will end the Combo but give you double the XP. While doing Core Fusion remember:

  • Red Shard Upgrades – Damage
  • Yellow Shard Upgrades – Defense
  • Blue Shard Upgrades – Lethal Attack

Note: The Extraction will stop if any other corebots attacks you

Taking Down Corebots

CoreBots with the white marker on their health bar indicates that their core is vulnerable. Use the Charged attacks against the CoreBots with Shields. You may be aware of this, but try to use the same color gun for the enemies you are attacking. Don’t always go for the core extraction as this will end the combo and every time the combo meter increases the damage output increases.

Movements and Miscellaneous

Maximum Distance

Instead of using Jump + Jump + Dash, try using the Dash first then Jump + Jump and then Dash again. This will help you core maximum distance covered.

Instant Travel

If you are full with your inventory and need to quickly unload it then simply open the Map and press ‘Y’. This will take you instantly to your Crawler and you are good to unload it and free your bag.

Crafting and Building

If you are thinking which Corebot is best for FL1-R frame then try using Seth as he has increased the Damage output ever since we have modified him. Like we said earlier, that cores are important when you want to improve your CoreBots, but getting their parts like K-9, STURDY SP-DR can help you built high-level and better-looking bots. The other colored Cores also have multi-use like:

  • Purple Core Gives – Blue and Red Core Energy
  • Orange Core Gives – Yellow and Red Core Energy
  • Green Core Gives – Yellow and Blue Core Energy

Spoiler Tips:

If you manage to complete the Assemble Dungeon 100% then you get a Body piece for SP-DR frame which also gives you the 100% loot quality. Apply the part then start gathering a full set of Corebot Blueprints from the Supply Caches in Shifting Sands.

For more Tricks, Tips, collectible locations, walkthrough and guides do visit our ReCore Wiki Guide.