Redemption: Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Walkthrough

 Redemption: Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Walkthrough

Having stolen Noctis’s country, Crystal and cherished companions, Ardyn wails implacably in Gralea.

Redemption: Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Walkthrough

Chapter 13 Redemption

The Imperial Capital:

The chapter again begins with the train heading towards the capital and blocked by a disturbance. Noctis requires getting down and inspecting the same. In the above chapter, Ardyn stripped Noctis weapons, so in this case the objective is to run at the back of the train towards Regalia, by avoiding the daemons.


The next objective is to drive fast before the gates closed down. Accelerate the car ahead with speed. Imperial ships will attack you, try to avoid the same and keep driving for the next cut scene.


Move ahead and try to locate the entrance at Zegnautus Keep. As Noctis is not having any weapons, you have to avoid all the daemons and look for a hide. Keep running ahead, pass through the broken train then take the stairs up to a hide place for the next cut scene.


A King’s Struggle

After wearing the ring, it’s time to learn a few spells. The objective of is defeat the daemons in your path with arcane. Move ahead and at the left you can see a control panel. Use to unlock the grid doors.


Turn around and walk straight, there is a door to the right. Enter and then take a right and take a left. Take right ahead and another right to enter the room behind the grill. There is another control panel. Following the previous path get out of the room.


Using the map, locate the next locations. You will finally reach a control room where you can activate the elevator. There will be few daemons take them down.


Make for Upper Levels:

After coming out of the lift move ahead and then take a left. There is a hiding place that can be used to avoid any conflict with the enemy.


After entering from the main door take the left door and move ahead through a narrow bridge crossing carcass of dead swordsmen. You will see Prompto. Chase him. There is a rogue swordsman in the area, you have to avoid him to reach the location. There are multiple hideouts you can use.


Ahead inside a door there is a narrow entrance. Follow the swordsmen to get the door. It is the only unlocked door. The enemy won’t turn back, you can walk behind it and get the door on the right side.


There are few daemons in the room, which are hard to beat, you have to use the spells to take them down. Mostly you have to dodge and run to avoid attacks. There is a passage between boxes. Update the keyboard and move ahead. Finally after moving around the area, you will reach to the central elevator the next objective is to activate it.


There is an elevator that will take you one level up, where you can find the keycard. There are many daemons in the area, you have to avoid them. You can pass in stealth by hiding behind the boxes to avoid any kind of detection. There is a huge one who is guarding the place. Reach the central elevator.


In the next cut scene Noctis gets his power back. The objective is getting back on the upper levels, following the map. It is a hard mission, as Noctis has to pass through path with poison gas and a few enemies in the path. Once you get panel to close the gas, the next aim is to reach on the top levels. Following the map and taking down enemies you will finally reach to the Elevator, it is blocked by a Level 55 Foras.


After defeating Foras, take the elevator to the top level. The objective is to restore the power. Later move ahead following the previous pattern to reach more upper levels to another lift. You will enter into a huge room. You can use different combinations of active circuit to unlock the doors. Choose Circuit B.


Following path ahead, you will need to make way to move another upper level in the game. Similar to previous game play where you pass through different doors. The next objective is to unlock doors on the upper level.


Once you are done fighting with the daemons walk ahead towards the marked location, and reach the door. You can obtain the key card from the same area. Then keep moving forward.


Ardyn will put Noctis in a trap, but no worries, his friends will be there. That will initiate the next cut scene. The next objective is to locate Prompto for the next cut scene.

Reunion and Recovery:

The next thing is to find a device that is sealing Noctis power. Prompto will unlock the doors that will initiate the next cut scene. Destroy the device on the right side. Finally head to the hangar and defeat a huge Gargantua.


Following the map move towards the central elevator, there will be a lot of enemies in the path. In between the path takedown Foras and finally ahead Ravus.


Finally reach the elevator avoid all the daemons in the path before the final gate closes. You can fight a few, but avoid most of them and keep running ahead to pass the gate. Go to the elevator. Reach the crystal at the upper level for the final cut scene.


So this was the end of Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Redemption. You can continue to the next Chapter 14 Homecoming – Ending or you can also check our Final Fantasy XV Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.