Reset Skill And Respec Guide – NiOH


In the Nioh, you can respec multiple times by using the cash at Blacksmith. In order to respec your skills, you need to purchase “Book of Reincarnation” item from the Blacksmith shop. The following guide consists the information regarding how to reset skill points in the game.

Reset Skill Point and Respec

How to Reset Skill Point and Respec:

To respect skills point you need to purchase “Book of Reincarnation” item from the Blacksmith’s shop. The Book of Reincarnation is consumable and resets the level and skills which were used. The price grows every time you purchase it at Blacksmith’s shop.

World map: go to Starting Point > Blacksmith > Buy and Sell > Buy > Item > Book of Reincarnation. Buy the item “Book of Reincarnation” for 10,000 gold, to reset skill points and amrita to respec your character.

Go to Storehouse at “Starting Point” on map > press L3 to switch to inventory > Usable Items > Book of Reincarnation > Use. The process gets Amrita back and lets you reallocate attribute points at the shrine, Magic, Ninjutsu and Ninja Skill points.

You can also get the Book of Reincarnation from few missions, can also trade in the hidden teahouse for 800glory and it grows every time you trade. You can respec your skills and can reset your skill points as long as you have cash and glory

The World map and Blacksmith can be unlocked only when you beat the first two story missions. The Cost of Book of Reincarnation increases every time you purchase (10,000 Gold – 30,000 – 100,000 – 300,000, 1,000,000). You can’t use the Book of Reincarnation during missions and you need to use the world map to choose your next mission.