Resident Evil 7: How to Solve Toy Axe Secret Puzzle

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In the Resident Evil 7, you will find a unique item, a child’s toy which is made of wood and looks like an Axe. It might not look so important when you look at it for the first time but it plays an important role in solving a secret puzzle. The following guide shows how to solve Toy Axe secret puzzle in the game.

Toy Axe Secret Puzzle

Where to Find Toy Axe and How to Use it:

  • You will find this Toy Axe in the Kid’s Room that needs the Snake Key to access the room. To find the key, you need to go to the bug room, from there you need to go back to the house.
  • After entering the house, go to the basement through the Boiler Room, from there go to the Dissection Room to encounter the Molded who might attack you.
  • After dealing with him, get the Key. Once you have collected the Snake Key, go to the Main house’s second floor and use the Key to enter the Kid’s room.
  • Look for the table lamp, press the red button to make the ladder lower, once its down climb up to the attic and look for the axe on a shelf.
  • To put the use of the Toy Axe to solve the puzzle, you need to head out into the Yard. Go to the place where main house meets the testing area, which is located in the southwest corner, in the shrubbery.
  • Look for the projector and pedestal in the area, use the Toy Axe on the pedestal by putting it in such a position where the Axe’s shadow looks like number 7 to solve the shadow puzzle.
  • Then an ornate chest gets open near to it, inside which you will find a Syringe with Stabilizer which can be used to increase the reload speed in the game.

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