Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster All Outfit Guide: Unlock Cheerleader Rebecca, Wolf Force Billy Outfits & More

Resident Evil 0 (Zero) HD Remake is finally out on retail shelves across the globe. Players who pre-ordered the game was will get access to few special outfits, and in this guide, we have provided all the details you need to know on how to unlock all pre-ordered outfits in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Pre-ordered Outfit Unlock Guide

Access to the pre-order outfit of Rebecca: You will have the option to change the outfit of Rebecca once you get control of her on the train. All you need to do is go to the MENU option and then to personal item section. You will get an option to switch between Rebecca’s mixing box and your outfit stash. Make use of costume box and you will get an option to select an outfit for Rebecca. Many outfit options will be available, starting from STARS 2002 outfit, the Cheerlead4er outfit and others. In order to have a T-shirt for Rebecca, you need to select the T-Shirt tab to access it.

Access to the pre-order outfit of Billy: The same steps applies to Billy as well. To select a new outfit for Billy all you need to do is switch his personal item. The pre-ordered outfits that will be available for him include Prisoner outfit, Jacket, Wolf Force and many others. Sadly, you can have T-shirt as an outfit for Billy.

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