Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster: How to Change the Pre-ordered Costumes

Players who had pre-ordered Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster have also got some exciting add-on costumes with that. The Game Characters are perfectly awesome as expected, but if you want a different look then you have the choice to do that. This Guide will show you how to change your character’s costume with the one you got with the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster pre-order.

How to Change the Pre-ordered Costumes

How to Change the Pre-ordered Costumes

Due to some tricky game options, players do get stuck on how to change the costume or any other options. So here we have the simple solution for your doubt. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step process given below and get it done in no time.

Step 1:

Select the Character which you want to change its costume.

Step 2:

Select the Inventory option then select the Character’s personal item.

  • Lighter – Billy
  • Mixing Kit – Rebecca

Step 3:

Select the Personal item and then click on the Switch option.

Step 4:

This Helps with the swapping of items from the suitcase.

Step 5:

Select the Suitcase and then Use it.

Step 6:

Select the Costume you need to apply to the Character

Step 7:

Done. Enjoy with the new Costumes

You’ve now successfully changed the costume for the character, just remember to switch back your personal item once you are done using the Suitcase. Also, check our other Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Guide on How to get a Custom T-Shirt.