Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | How to unlock MUL-T

Risk of Rain 2 launched earlier today in a surprise announcement for fans on steam as the game began to gain more players slowly.

If you know the Risk of Rain series as we do, then you’d know that there are a bunch of characters that you can unlock to take on the hoards of foes that await you. There are currently six characters in-game, five of which are unlockable, and four which are still under development.

One of these characters is the robotic being known as MUL-T, a jack of all trades that has an impressive kit to help any potential future team composition. But how do you go about unlocking him for your roster?

To get access to his impressive arsenal, you need to go about unlocking the “Verified” achievement that can be found in-game. This will have you beat the first level’s teleport boss five different times in five different games, so prepare to play a lot of matches.

Once you do that, MUL-T will be added to your roster for the next game you play. Be sure to make the most of his two different weapon types and his ability to go around the map in lightning speed to survey the landscape and find those teleporters as quickly as possible.