The Best Items and Equipment in Risk of Rain 2


There are over 75 items and equipment pieces in Risk of Rain 2, which you can freely view right over here. You have to ask yourself, though, what are some of the better pieces that stand out to you? We’ve run through the list a handful of times, and have found some of the better items you’re going to want to seek after and attach to your characters.

The Best Items and Equipment in Risk of Rain 2

Gasoline — Common

It would help if you killed as many enemies as possible when you’re playing. However, no matter how many you kill, there’s always another ten waiting to take their place. To ensure you clear the field as much as possible, you can take Gasoline with you. With it, whenever you kill an enemy, it ignites all foes within 12 meters, dealing 150 percent base damage. As you stack the item, you increase the range of the attack by four meters and the damage it deals by 75 percent. It’s a great way to ensure you’re hurting as many creatures as possible, especially after already killing one. This item works great on any of the characters.

Paul’s Goat Hoof — Common

Due to how large the maps in the levels are, you need to quickly move around to not only find the portal in a reasonable amount of time but to avoid the gigantic wave of monsters chasing you. When you have Paul’s Goat Hoof equipped, your movement speed increases by 14 percent by each stack. You’ll find yourself zipping across the map, and as the more, you gain, the harder it is for your enemies to corner you.

Requirements: You must fail the Shrine of Chance three times in a row.

Soldier’s Syringe — Common

What does every character need? To have additional opportunities to shoot their opponents, and you can do so with the Soldier’s Syringe. Your character receives a straight 15 percent attack speed increase, and each stack you add puts another 15 percent. You can’t go wrong with this for any character. However, the MUL-T and Huntress benefit from this the most. The more chances you have to fire your primary weapon, the fewer enemies you have to handle.

Berzerker’s Pauldron — Uncommon

Speaking of having the chance to attack your enemies more, what if you could do that, and increase how fast you’re going? With the Berzerker’s Pauldron, you can. With this item you have the chance to go into a frenzy, and when you’re like that your movement speed increases by 50 percent and attack speed by 100 for six seconds. When you stack this item, you increase the time you can remain in a frenzy by four seconds.

Unfortunately, to enter the frenzied state, you need to kill three enemies. Meaning the Engineer and Huntress are going to benefit the most from this item, as they can likely kill multiple enemies in quick succession.

Requirements: You must charge the teleporter with less than 10 percent of your maximum health.

Leeching Seed — Uncommon

Now, if you have a high enough attack speed, you’re going to take down your enemies. However, you’re never invulnerable to damage. You’re going to keep getting hit, and if you can’t heal your health regeneration won’t keep you up forever. When you use Leeching Seed, every hit you land on an enemy treats you for one. For every stack you have, you increase the healing you receive by one — not a bad exchange. However, the Engineer, MUL-T, and Commando are going to win the most damage as they can naturally do plenty of damage to foes.

Ukulele — Uncommon

What’s better than attacking more often? Hitting multiple enemies at once. As you use Ukulele, you have a 25 percent chance to fire chain lightning for 80 percent damage. You only damage three enemies at a time, within 20 meters of you. When you stack this item, you increase the number of enemies you hit by two. The more times you’re running a single target, the more enemies you can potentially damage, making it great to bunch up your foes.

Frost Relic – Legendary

For the enemies who continue to crowd your space, you need to take them out quickly because they’re not going to stop following you. Luckily, there’s an item designed to give you some breathing room. When you have Frost Relic, and you kill an enemy, three icicles surround you and deal 3×33 percent damage as they surround you. It’s sufficient time, especially for the Mercenary who is usually as close as possible to their foes.

Sentient Meat Hook — Legendary

The Sentient Meat Hook is an odd item. When you hit an enemy, you have a 20 percent chance to spawn homing hooks that attack up to 10 enemies, and deals 100 percent damage. When you stack this item, you increase the number of enemies hit by five. It’s a great way to hit multiple enemies, especially when you’re consistently shooting your foes. What makes it great is how many enemies you can catch at once, plus the 20 percent chance gives you a relatively high probability of the effect happening. However, the Engineer, MUL-T and Commando are going to benefit from this item the most.

Requirement: Loop back to the first stage of your game

Foreign Fruit — Active

What’s something every single character in the game needs? A way to get back a good chunk of their health, especially after a surprising loss. The best way to do that, straight, is with the Foreign Fruit item. When you hit it, you receive 50 percent of your health back instantly. Almost any character in the game is going to benefit from that. If you have Infusion on you, and you’ve steadily been stacking up more health outside of levels, you’re going to appreciate this item truly.

Royal Capacitor — Active

To finish off this list, we’re going to top it off with a great piece of equipment that can deal a massive amount of damage in a small area. The Royal Capacitor allows you to aim at a particular enemy and summon an enormous bolt of lightning, hitting that foe for 3,000 percent damage, and you stun any enemy near it. It’s a great way to aim at the biggest target in a group, nail it, and then stun the others around it.

Requirement: You must defeat the teleporter bosses once you have activated the two shrines of the Mountain.