Roblox Gym Realms codes (March 2021)

Get big with these codes for Roblox Gym Simulator.

Want to get that workout experience without having to actually do the working out? Roblox Gym Realms sounds perfect for you. It’s all about lifting weights, running, and doing all kinds of exercise to become the strongest, fastest, and biggest person in the game. On your journey to peak physical health, why not use some codes to make it a little easier? We’ve got you covered.

How to enter codes in Gym Realms

Look for the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen (it should say “Codes” on it). A screen will pop up with a field for you to enter codes. Enter any code you want and hit “Redeem.”

Active Roblox Gym Realms codes

  • Jungle – get 50 strength and 100 gems
  • BossesSoon – get 50 strength and 100 gems
  • NorthPole – get 50 strength and 100 gems
  • MUSCLES – get 50 strength
  • Simulator – get 1 strength and 1 gem
  • RazorFishGaming – get 50 gems
  • Candyland – get 50 strength and 100 gems
  • RELEASE – get free gems and strength
  • soonTM – get 25 strength and 100 gems