Robot Wars – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 14

Meet Wrench at the Garage for the next cut scene that shows using up the hijacked bot against Tidis. Use it to enter Tidis, and then infiltrate the bunker to destroy all prototype war robots and expose Tidis future plans. Reach Tidis Repair depot: Take the bot to Tidis Report depot with Wrench. That is a small drive mission taking the wan near the repair point.

Gather 3 EMP Parts:

The next objective is to locate 3 EMP Parts in the facility. They are marked on the map. You can take the stairways on the backside ahead of locked door and take the roof.


Locate the Access Key that is inside the facility. You can use the camera for entering inside. The key is marked on the map.


There is a control lift truck that will help you to get down, then enter the facility. You can either use jumper for gathering the EMP or you can slowly move by disabling the motion sensors. Jumper is lot more effective at this point.

Open the door for Wrench:


Reach near the door to allow Wrench inside. There are guards ahead with bots. Disable the bots first and then take down the guards to avoid any alert. The works wont do anything.

Plant EMP on Wrench Jr:

The next aim is to add the EMP on the bot and exit the facility. Take the truck and get out of the place and drive teo Silicon valley sign to meet Ray.

Uncover the Machinations at Tidis:


The bot as it reaches Tidis, take its control for the next job. Straight ahead on top, there is a security camera. Hack into the same to shift the production line gate. Take Wrench Jr. Inside and hack the gates in case of blocked path.


Follow the marker locations. There are gates and bridges controls around, use them to make path for Jr.

Detonate EMP in Server Room:


Once you reach the server room Detonate the EMP. That’s it.

Download Project files from Server:


Enter Tidis and go to the server to get the project file. Use the main entrance ahead, take down the guards on the way. Hack the junction box for access lock door of server room. Get the data and go upstairs.


The next aim is to reach the private elevator that will take you to the CEO’s office. Follow the marker towards Nuclear bunker. You will need to solve the puzzle to access the locked door.


To get the puzzle solved, follow all the connections in single line. It will take sometime, as you will need to connect all the access to unlock 3 windows that will show up Tidis plan. There will be a short cut scene and then again a new puzzle for the other door.


Finally the last one is to open the iron door following the same puzzle to reveal the lethal war robot designed by Tidis. Go to the system in the office on the left side to operate the robot to take down the guards and destroy the security doors.


The bot can crawl on walls. Use it to destroy the fire suppression system. Follow the marker to the prototype labs and destroy all the bots created by Tidis. The next objective is to destroy all the backup power supply for the servers. Wait for the cut scene.

So this was the end of Chapter 14 Robot Wars, you can read the Chapter 15 Motherload Or else you can refer to our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.