Mission 7 Royalty Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the last mission The Outcasts, Commander Iden Versio, and Agent Meeko join the Rebellions to stop operation Cinder. After stopping the Empire’s satellite they found that the enemy’s mission is to attack Theed. So Iden and her troops fly to save the city. Princess Leia tells the team to repair the relays in order to stop the Empire. In this mission you will be playing as Leia, defending Del when he is busy fixing the Relays that can stop the attack.

Battlefront Royalty

Mission 7 Royalty Walkthrough

Secure the Marketplace:

Secure Marketplace

You will be playing as Princess Leia in this part on Theed. You will have to secure the marketplace after the cutscene, where Leader Danger and Iden went to repair the relays. Stay in the market area, and defend it.

Defend Del:

Defend Del Marketplace

Once done you will have to defend Del who is fixing the relay. Stay near the shield area, and attack the enemies around. You can use shields for cover. You will see a progress bar on the top. This will be a bit long fight, there will be troopers who will shoot at Del. You have to kill them. Instead of staying in the shield, walk around and try to target the stormtroopers. Once done, eliminate the remaining troopers in the area and follow Del.

Reach the Relay:

Go to the next Relay, and the same objective will continue. You will have to take down the troopers around, but first, there will be a Walker. Keep following the marker, and clear the path in your area, so that you can advance with your troops ahead.

Secure the Garden:

Secure Garden

Similar to Marketplace, you will have to secure the Garden area, it will be surrounded by storm troopers. Clear path for Del so that he can reach the Relay. As he starts fixing it, you will have to defend him unless his fixes the Relay. Again you have to walk around and kill the troopers who are attacking Del. Try to set a shield near Del so that he can stay safe from constant attack, you can then move around and shoot the enemies. Avoid going much far. Stay near Dell, so that you can block the constant attack. After.

Defend the Frontline:

Defend Royal Palace

After Del finishes fixing the Relay, move ahead to the next marker. You will see a Walker marching towards the palace. You will have to defend the frontline now. The princess will talk about ion pulse that will disable all the threats outside the palace. Defend the frontline, by killing all the troopers.

Fall Back:

Come a little back, and once again you will have to defend the place as the walker approaches near. Keep killing the troopers around, you will see the Allies score above. Stay near the palace to avoid heavy bombing. Fall back, and keep defending the place. You will have to keep moving inside till you cross the stairs. Next, stop the Strom Troopers from entering the palace. Once done, Dell will detonate the Ion Pulse, run into the palace for the cutscene.

After entering the Palace you will see the ion pulse disables enemy’s weapons and warplanes. This gives a win to the Princess. This is where the Mission 7 ends. You can read our walkthrough on Mission 8 General Distress or you can also refer to our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more updates on the game.